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Monday, January 16, 2017

Not Much Ado About Anything

Rough night of (very little) sleep.  Couldn't breathe, dry mouth, upset stomach.  I had diarrhea today, so hopefully that took care of the stomach problems.

I changed the church sign.  Tim and I went to visit a shut-in.  We went to make the deposit and pick up a few grocery items at Walmart.  Temps were in the mid 50's, so I swept the undisolved salt off of the walkway.  I worked on a craft project.  I did some reading.  I fixed spaghetti for dinner.  And now my eyes are so tired I hope I can finish this post.  :D

Craft project.  Inspiration from pinterest

This was the inspirational piece from pinterest.
Photo Challenge - music

Time for bed!  Nite!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Coughing today.  Makes my throat sore.  I'll be glad when all of the creeping crud is gone from our house!  Tim sounds better today and had no problems preaching, but his side that has the pulled muscles from sneezing are still sore.  We are a pathetic mess!  :D

But, we are a happy, pathetic mess, LOL!

Today's photo challenge:  where I sleep

Remember the picture of the Alcoholics Anonymous book I posted a couple of days ago?  Well, this is what I'm doing with it.  Cutting out words and phrases to use in my mixed media projects.  Most of what you see here is what I spent the afternoon doing.  Now I need to figure out some way to organize them so that I can find them quickly when needed.  Below is a couple of cards that I have used words/phrases from this book in making.

Front and back of one card.  The "FORWARD" is a word from the book (actually, the word FOREWARD was changed to FORWARD with a little work).  The verse on the back was typed and printed out then glued on.

Front and back of another card.  "always believe" is a phrase I got from the book.  The back may or may not be finished.  I haven't decided yet.
These cards were made from playing cards.  I glued pieces of torn music to the fronts and backs and then embellished with paint, stamps, words, hearts, washi tape, etc.

So, there you have it!  Some more of my creative "stuff" that probably interests no one but me, LOL!  But, that's OK.

A big thank you to Ilene for treating Tim and I out to lunch today at K&W.  So sweet of her!  We always enjoy her company.

Time for some Bible work and reading.  Nite!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday in the Park.......

I don't know why that song came to mind, LOL!  But I do like that song!  I wish it were warm enough to be in the park today, but it was overcast most of the day and 30 degrees cooler than yesterday!  At least the part of the day that I was out and about in started out at 44 degrees!

Today being Saturday, I did the laundry.  Even though I did bunches on Wednesday from vacation, I still had 3 loads today!  I always have the towels to do.  And Tim always has good clothes that he wears through the week.  He dresses office casual, I guess you would call it.  A button down shirt, tucked in, but not a tie.  And dress pants, but more along the line of khaki-type.  Plus, I had to iron all of his church shirts that we bought at the end of last year.  Remember?  The ones that were perfect, EXCEPT they need to be ironed!  GRRR!  So, to make sure he doesn't wear the same one or two all the time, I usually leave them hanging in the laundry room until he needs them.  So, I ironed 7 shirts today.  And, now I'm thinking I would rather iron one or two at a time instead of 7 at one time!  So, I'll have to re-think my strategy!  Maybe I can iron them but leave them in the laundry room.  That might work!

After I cleaned the bathrooms and got the towels going, I took a trip to Mega Thrift to find some notebooks for my scrapbooking page protectors that I bought at Tuesday Morning earlier in the week.  I found the 8.5 x 11 notebooks with no problem and for $0.99.  But, there were no 12x12 notebooks.  I had a 60% off coupon, so I went to Michaels.  WOW!  $30 for the crazy thing!  60% off was $18 off, but $12 for a photo album just seemed ridiculous to me!  But, I got it anyway!  Then I got home and AC Moore had sent me a $10 gift certificate that I would've used if I'd known I was going to get it!  Oh well!

So, I worked on finishing up the laundry the rest of the afternoon, fixed a good supper of oven fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, lima beans and biscuits, got the kitchen cleaned up and am ready to call it a night after I do my Bible work.  I had a sore throat all day yesterday and did not sleep very well last night.  My nose is all stuffed up tonight.  I guess Tim is passing it back to me, however I didn't have any throat issues the first time around!  :(

Since I had my follow-up on Thursday, and have not taken the acid reflux meds, I've had heartburn every day.  I'm sure I will have to go back on the meds after the 7 day trial off of it.  Jessica Day, don't I remember that Michael is taking something over the counter now instead of prescription?  Could you give me the particulars.....$$, name, etc?  Thanks!

OK, I took 2 pictures today.  One around 7:45 using the dusk/dawn setting, but it was really too light and the picture is purple.  The other picture I took as a daily photo challenge.  Today's challenge was to take a photo of a path.  I added a scripture to it.

I forgot that I had taken this photo, too, of the path the USPS truck has made up to the mailbox.  But I didn't like the picture as much as the next one.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Tuesday Morning on a Friday Morning!

Today I needed to make a trip to Tuesday Morning to get some page protectors for a photo album I am going to do of our vacation last week.  Paying $1.99 instead of $5.99 makes the 20 minute trip worth it.

I got 3 different sizes:  12x12, 8.5x11 and 8x8.  Each one has divided pockets so you can just slip a pretty paper or picture or other embellishment in and you are done.
Now, the problem is, I couldn't leave with JUST the page protectors!  I bought some other journaling cards, etc. to go in the divided pockets.
I spent 2 hours in the scrapbooking aisle!  I ended up putting some of it back because it was going to be more money than I wanted to spend.  Lots of the SMASH book stuff I found was $0.49.

Since Tim and I ate lunch at Arby's yesterday, we were not that hungry to go out for dinner last night, so we went light on lunch (actually, I had a donut for breakfast and nothing else til dinner) so we could eat out tonight.  We went to Ruby Tuesday for our favorite pork chop meal!

Tim's mom told him about My Christmas Shop having succulent plants on sale, so we went to the one in Greensboro, got his plants, ate at Ruby Tuesday and then went to the Farmer's Market so he could look at their plants.  He found a few.  Then we came home and I played outside, in my shirt sleeves, with my camera again.
Sunset setting

Automatic setting

zoomed in to the neighbor's chickens

Crows flying over

zoomed in

A few warm days is all it takes!

The center portion of this tree is totally dead.....hollow.  You can see clear through it.

The portion of the tree that is wrapped around the center is where the life is.  Creepy looking tree.

sunset setting

dusk setting

color selection setting on green

color selection setting on pink, but I see it also picked up the red in the brick.

color selection setting on blue

dusk setting adds a purple tint.  This is the sidewalk/grass.

Same picture, automatic setting

A selfie using the new camera

Moon setting for the Wolf Moon

zoomed in more

zoomed in even more.  LOVE this!
So, did you know that each month the full moon goes by a different name?  Neither did I!  I saw someone post a picture of the Wolf Moon.  I thought maybe it had a reference to this being Friday the 13th, LOL!  Nope!  The Farmer's Almanac talks about it at the link above.  "The Full Moon Names we use in the Almanac come from the Algonquin tribes who lived in regions from New England to Lake Superior. They are the names the Colonial Americans adapted most. Note that each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred."  Pretty interesting!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Results are In

So, I finally got back to the doctor for my follow up to the digestive testing I had done.  I had it scheduled for the last week in November, but changed it because I thought I was going to be spending that week with my sister in KY.  So, it was rescheduled for January 3rd.  Then Tim got summoned to jury duty for next week, which is when our FL vacation was originally planned.  So, we had to move vacation to the first week of January because that was the only week we could switch out our hotel credits.  So, once again the doctor appointment had to be rescheduled to today.

The ulcers were small and are healed.  She wants me to go for a week without the acid reflux medicine to see how I do.  If the acid reflux returns, I will have to go back on the medicine continually.  As far as the nausea is concerned, really, 99% of the time when a wave of nausea hits me, it means my bowels are needing to empty and I usually always feel fine afterwards.  She said my symptoms are indicative of IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, and from what I've read I would have to agree with her.  Now, the trick is to figure out what foods trigger it.  She gave me a list of foods most people with IBS need to eliminate.  And, since everyone is different, I will have to figure it out.  I know for sure one thing that rocks the boat is peanuts/peanut butter.  I go back in 6 months, so hopefully I will have it all figured out by that time.

The good thing is that I'm still down 36 lbs. from this time last year.  Now, if I can just figure out how to lose another 40 lbs.!

Today was our thrifting day.  So, after I got back from the doctor, we set out on our thrifting adventure.

That little bit of snow is all that was left this morning.  After the warm day we had today, even that is gone!  We had temps in the 60's today!

It was so warm, we didn't even wear our jackets!

Our lunching place.  I am in LOVE with the loaded Italian sub!
Well, believe it or not, I got this "Alcoholics Anonymous" book to cut word out of it for my mixed media projects!

Found another SMASH book.  The book prices went up at Goodwill on January 1st.  $1.49 for paper backs and $2.49 for hard backs.  It is almost cheaper for me to order books on line from a used book store when they have 40% off and free shipping!
These next 3 pictures were items I found at the Goodwills along the way on vacation.  I got all of these items for $3.99.  A couple of the stamp sets were priced at $12.50 original price!

The next picture will explain the item along the top in this picture.

This is a Martha Stewart stamp mount.  It is acrylic.  These things are pretty expensive!  I've never seen one that had a handle on it like this one.  The idea is to take the glue lying to the right of this block and handle and glue the handle to the block it is sitting on.  However, I decided the handle would be good to use for smaller stamps, so I am going to leave it off.  The lines you see are to help you align lettering straight.  I looked on line to see what this would cost.  One place was selling it for $49.90 + shipping!  OY VEY!  That is RIDICULOUS!!!  It was also being sold on ebay for $11.99 with free shipping!  Still too much!  Anyway, I'd say spending $3.99 for all of the stamps and this was a good deal!

OK, the next photos are from some more playing with settings on my camera this afternoon.
Sunset photo

Back lighting photo.

Another back lighting photo

See how dark the church building is (almost a silhouette) compared to the ones with the back lighting setting?  Notice the difference in the sky colors in the church photos.

I forget the settings on this one.


OK, these next ones were playing around with a "color selection" setting.  In other words, the photo is black and white, except for whatever color you tell the camera to pick out and keep.  I hadn't figured out how it works in this photo.  So the entire photo is black and white.
The color selection was blue in this one and the rest of the picture is black and white.

The color selection on this one was yellow, obviously.  You can also see some yellow in the grass where the sunshine was hitting it.

The color selection on this one was that green.  So, if you put this photo and the one above together, the fire hydrant is actually yellow and green.

Blue is the color in this one.

This one is a little bit harder to tell until you compare it to the photo below.  Red was the color being picked out.  The leaves are black and white.

This is what the picture without color selection would look like.  You can see the green in these leaves on this one.

More sunset photos

These were taken with the "moon" setting.  Those are contrails not clouds.

Ok.  That's it for today!  Time to read for awhile!  Nite!