Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I straightened and cleaned out some of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen today.  Lots of stuff will have a new home after Thursday!  Namely the thrift store!  From there, who knows!  But one thing I found that I didn't get rid of was a hummingbird feeder that I had bought before moving from Buffalo.  I also found a jar of the nectar and the hanger with suction cups to hang it on a window.  The question was what window to put it in as most of the ones that we would view the hummers from were in direct sunlight most of the day.  So, I opted to put it in the back of the house out from my computer room.  I'll hopefully be able to take pictures of our visitors soon............I have never seen any hummers around, but I've not had any nectar hanging out for them, either!  I sure hope the feeder is even big enough to attract them if there are any around!

While I was out taking a picture of the feeder, I noticed the chimney swifts were out in full force.  And I also noticed this beautiful sight out past the church.  Love the pinkish orange!  What a magnificent painter the LORD is!

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