Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today, as you probably know by now, was thrift store day!  We see new things every week.  Some of them we need/want, most of them you do not need/want.  Today we were able to find the "Left Behind" series for kids.  The set had #1-16, but was missing #2, unfortunately!  Plus, I need to check on Amazon, but I am thinking there are even more than 16.  So, I'll have to keep my eyes open for #2, at least!  If I find it after Michael takes them home next week, I'll mail it to him.

We also found a small baby doll for our little Miss Abigail.  And, we also found a little swimmer's life vest type thingie (meaning it isn't exactly a vest).

Today's Project Life 365 prompt was GAME.  Tim doesn't like to play games, so I play on line word games with facebook friends/family and I also play a Scrabble type of game with my sister, Kim (Lexulous).  I get TONS of requests to play TONS of facebook games, but the ONLY one I will play is Word With Friends.  It is a Scrabble type of game, too.  Right now I am playing a game with little Michael.  So, I made a print screen of that game for my post today.

We enjoyed Subway sandwiches for lunch today as we had a buy one 6" get one 6" sub free!  For dinner tonight we enjoyed Olive Garden as we had received a gift card from Sharon and Calvin and Joy and Bobby from church!  THANKS BUNCHES!!!


Elisabeth said...

I tried to get the left behind series for kids on one of the local fb yard sale sites but someone said want before me.

jeday0323 said...

I didn't know Tim didn't like games! We always play games when we get together...

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