Thursday, February 19, 2015

Last Day in Tampa

Yes, hard to believe that we are leaving the gulf coast tomorrow morning.  BUT, I finally got some beautiful sunset pictures!

Today was another beautiful day, but still being windy and cold (in Florida terms) we hit the thrift stores.  Found a few things and spent all morning into the early afternoon finding maybe 10 thrifts in St. Petersburg.  We ended with a late lunch at Bob Evans!

Tim took a nap and I dug around in the sand, not very far from the hotel because the further away I got, the worse the wind was!  Waited for the sunset and then we went to dinner at Gigi's Italian Restaurant across the street from the hotel.  One thing we have had no trouble with this week is finding good places to eat!

OK, here's some sunset photos, taken from right outside our hotel room door.... and saying nite!

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