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Monday, December 11, 2017

Life in the Fast Lane

What a whirl wind of activities is happening!

Last Week:
Thursday, I went to Salisbury to spend a couple of days with Elisabeth and family.  We ate, played games and Liz and I went shopping in the snow on Saturday.

Saturday, I came back to Winston where we had LOTS more snow than Salisbury had!

Sunday, was still cold and so the snow did not go away, but did begin to melt in the beautiful sunshine!  We did a "test" drive for Ilene this morning who has not driven since before her stroke.  She did just fine.
Beautiful sunshine!

Love the snow on the tree branches.

Driving to church Sunday morning.
Monday begins a week of extra busy-ness!  Ilene and I baked all day today.  Tonight is Mallard Ridge services for her and I am driving to Salisbury to see a Christmas program put on by the Christian School that Hannah, Ryan and Abby attend.  Ryan has a speaking part as narrator tonight, I believe.  I will have to post pictures later.
Beginning the preparations.

Six small loaf pans all ready for the batter to be added.

Mixing up the batter.

The oven is FULL!!

Success!  First of many batches done!

Cooking a glaze to pour over the loaves.

Spreading the glaze.

Well, we decided we liked the larger loaf pan size better, so the rest of the day we made that size.  And taste-tested the others!  :D

Today's late lunch.  Chicken salad on a bed of spinach with red pepper, onion, cheese, egg and bacon bits.  YUM!
We have more loaves to make, which will be made between all of the following activities this week:
Tuesday - Widows' meeting in Statesville
Wednesday - Doctor's appointment for me
Thursday - Doctor's appointment for Ilene
Friday - Ladies' meeting at church

In case I don't get a chance to do any more posting, have a great week!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Let It Snow, OH, NO!!

Today we had icey snow, wet snow, freezing rain, and slick roads!  NASTY all day long!  I went out but came back without finishing my plans because of the yuck.  I had to stop and put air in my tires because I got a warning light saying they were too low.  I couldn't get that message on a beautiful day, I guess, LOL!

And as crazy as it was, I let the kids talk me into taking them for ice cream at the corner and then to Five Below so Ryan could find some Christmas present ideas for me.  The only thing I gained from that trip was more calories than I needed!  The snow was pretty coming down, however!  But it was slick!  We had to be rerouted around Faith because of an accident in town.

I did get my camera hooked up correctly to the wifi, I guess, because when I got ready to send my phone pictures to my gmail, there were the ones I took with my camera, too!  I just can't get the ones from the camera that I took before I got the wifi set up.

Here's today's pictures:

Icey snow coming down as I headed out this morning


Snow beginning to stick.

Sally would not go off the porch to use the potty because of the snow.  She wouldn't even go out on the deck.

She got excited when everyone got home from school

Playing games with these two

After tonight's trip, we played some more games

Abby's name was drawn this week as the winner for reading.  Hannah photo bombing my picture of Abby's stuffed animals.  The doggy is the one she won this week.  Ryan gave her the bear.

Ryan photo bombing this one

Heavy snow fall this afternoon

The only fall leaves left on the tree.

Tufted Titmouse

Dark-eyed junco

Dark-eyed junco

I was so happy to see the birds this afternoon!  I took my feeders to Ilene's on Thursday.  When I get a chance, I will get them set up under some of her trees so we can watch the birds feed this winter.

Liz and I plan to do some shopping tomorrow, weather permitting!  The play was cancelled at the kids' school and rescheduled for Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Nostalgia, Part 1

Nostalgia was in play at Ilene's today.  However, I packed up some stuff to bring to Elisabeth's today, including the camera, but I forgot the adapter that would allow me to transfer the pictures and videos to my computer.  I tried to set up the wifi setting on my phone, but couldn't get it done.  I'm missing something, so I'll have to wait til I get the instruction book.

We listened to some OLD songs on Ilene's stereo record player.  It was great!  She has some 78's, 33 1/3's and 45's.  Records!  OLD versions of CDs!  I will have to share the videos with you at another time.

We are going to make hers and Buford's annual wine cakes to share with our church family and family members.  And since next week's schedule is jam-packed with stuff to do, we decided it would be best to buy the groceries needed for the cakes today so that when I get back from Elisabeth's this weekend, on Monday we will be able to start right in on the cakes in the morning.

After we got back from the grocery store, we unloaded Ilene's car, put the groceries away and then I loaded my car with the items I was bringing to Elisabeth's for the next couple of days.  When I arrived, Brad was just getting home.  He took a shower and then we headed to Cracker Barrel for supper.

My not-so-healthy meal!  But, it was oh, so good!

After eating, we went to a couple of stores to get some gift cards for a couple of birthday parties Hannah and Ryan will be going to.  We also went through a Christmas light display at a house in Faith, NC.  Abby said, "They are beautiful!"  The pictures are not great since all I had was my phone.  I should ALWAYS take my camera with  me!  Here's a link to a few better pictures of Randall Barger's lights in Faith, NC.  Click HERE.

This is Elisabeth's tree.  It is a real tree and is absolutely beautiful.  I forget what kind of tree she said it was.  Douglas fir, maybe??  Anyway, I couldn't catch the blinking lights all on at the same time with my phone.

When we got home we played a couple of hands of Old Maid before the kids had to go to bed.
Sally eyeing Abby's donut, hoping for crumbs or a bite! 

Abby lost the second game.  Ryan lost the first game.
That's it for me!  Have a great Friday!