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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Sense of Humor

Tim had trouble getting his tie tied correctly tonight for church.

When he drove us to Roanoke, VA on Sunday afternoon, I was never so glad to get somewhere!  I told him that if any police had seen him driving, they would have pulled him over for drunk driving.  He realized it was that bad, so he let me drive the rest of the trip and anywhere we go since we have been home.

He cannot hold things together (like a sandwich) or level (like a glass of tea) in his left hand.  The sandwich falls apart and he spills the tea.

He cannot think of certain words, like tonight he was illustrating using really ripe bananas to make "banana cake, is it?"  I told him it was banana bread and he said, oh, that's right.

And, even with the steroid, his typing is not that much better.

He had no strength in his left hand to fire off 50 rounds of ammo when the guys went to the shooting range last Saturday.  He switched to his right hand and said it felt more natural with his right hand than his left.

Sunday he forgot about the offering.  Tonight (at prayer meeting) he forgot to pray and went right into the lesson after singing.

These are just a few of the difficulties he is having since the bleeding is near a motor control center on the right side of his brain.  But, praise the Lord, his preaching is spot on when it comes to facts and doctrine.  I pray all the time that the Lord will give him clarity with his studies and while he is preaching/teaching.  I pray he is able to get the message across to us.

But, even with the problems (and I am sure he gets aggravated at times) he has a sense of humor about the messes he makes or the blunders he makes.  And, he has kept his sense of humor in general.  Like today, we needed to run more errands, so we decided while out that we would use a coupon to get 2 loaded Italian subs at Arby's for $6.  He said, "I wish I knew a loaded Italian!  I would tell the cashier I'm not paying, my loaded Italian friend is buying!"  LOL!

I need to start writing his comments down so I don't forget them, because he had me laughing at his silly comments all weekend!

Lord, thank You for making this man all mine!  I was pretty stupid 46 years ago at one point when I thought I wanted to date someone else!  I am soooooo thankful You opened my eyes to how special Tim is and that You wanted him to be mine!  I've been blessed above and beyond what I deserve all of these years!  We will celebrate 41 years of marriage in about a week and a half and I just want to thank You for every day I get to spend with Tim!  Amen!

While running errands today, I also got more bird seed and more suet cakes and one for woodpeckers.  Here are some photos from today:

New for woodpeckers

new suet cake

New thistle seed mixed with outer seeds

another new suet cake

You can see where the all-thistle seed ends and the mixture begins

It was a beautiful day today

Hey!  You aren't a woodpecker!

Had to get another printer today.  The HP we've had for YEARS would not print half the time.

My view!

Bad hair day

Tip top of the tree

LOVE the sun shining on this spider's web!
And, that's it for me!  Time to read!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Down Time

Tim and I got back today around noon.  We left the hotel in Roanoke, VA around 9:15.  We made three Goodwill stops and just took our time.  We were not in that big of a hurry to get back.  We really enjoyed our down time, even though it rained the whole time!  We just needed a break in the action.  And we needed to take advantage of Tim feeling relatively OK.  He looked tired to me today and he said he guessed he did feel tired.  I went to bed after him last night and actually woke up before he did.  So, I got up and got my shower while he continued to sleep.

When we pulled up to the mail box at the house today, the first thing we noticed was that someone had changed the Revival church sign to "Praise Him."  Calvin pulled into the church just as we were getting the mail out of the box.  He told Tim that he had changed the sign.  One of Tim's pet peeves is to see a church sign that has not been changed after the event noted on the sign.  We were trying to get away so quickly Sunday afternoon that Tim told me not to worry about the sign, but he was glad Calvin had changed it.

We had to go to Walmart to renew Tim's prescription for the steroid.  He only gets 5 pills at a time, which is 5 days.  Not sure why so few.  So, we put in for the prescription and then went to Subway for lunch.  Then we went back to Walmart to pick up the fill prescription and get a few other items.

I was able to get the new church sign up, even thought it was a bit misty still.  But, it was drier than it had been in 2 days!  So I went for it!

I worked on washing the bed linens and bath towels for the guest room this afternoon.  I also washed the tablecloths and dish towels from the dinner in the fellowship hall on Sunday.  The bed is made again and the bath towels are folded and put away.  I still have to fold the tablecloths and dish towels and take them back to the church.

I also poured the rest of the thistle seed I had into the larger feeder, but I need to buy some more.  I also washed and cleaned out the lighthouse feeder and filled it up with a mixture of corn, seeds, black sunflower seeds, peanuts, dried meal worms.  And I cleaned out the bird bath.  I still need to buy some more suet, too.  But, I'm thinking about getting the ingredients and making my own.

After I got the feeders taken care of, I sat outside for a little while to capture some pictures of the birds.  No new visitors today.

I also got the checkbook caught up.  I need to reconcile it with the bank and then I will be done.  I will probably do the reconciling tomorrow.  I want to do some reading after I finish posting this.

Thank You, Lord, for Your watch-care over us as we traveled the last couple of days.  Thank You for the time of refreshing and resting.  Give Tim the strength he needs for studying and carrying out the work You have for him to do.  We love You, Lord, because You first loved us!  Thank You for your blessings!

Here's today's photos:

Here's all of the Debbie Macomber books I found at one of the Goodwills today.......

.....and the short stack are the ones I did not have.

So, this is the entire stack of the Debbie Macomber books I found in Virginia yesterday and today!  Markin' 'em off, one by one!!

New sign I worked on in between the sprinkles.

Some cloud photos

Clover with water droplets on the grass


Sun shining under the clouds

This was a JigZone puzzle I did a couple of days ago.  It is sunset on Sunset Key in Florida.

Around the Feeder

The house finches are quite a bit bigger than the goldfinches.

These first two pictures were taken from my craft room window and before I filled the feeders.  The food so low that they had to resort to finding seeds on the ground.

Mrs. Cardinal

Hunkering down to get her head into the dish.

This little chickadee really did some fussing while I was cleaning the lighthouse.

He would fly to the lighthouse, quickly grab something and fly back to the tree to eat it.

Bluebird silhouette on the line.

So pretty!
Good night!