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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thrifty Bargains!

Had a WONDERFUL day with Tim thrifting in Charlotte, NC.  We like to change it up a bit from time to time on his day off and try some other thrift stores in different parts of the state.  So, today was Charlotte's turn.  Last night I found the Goodwill stores in Charlotte and mapped out our route.  We ate breakfast out before we headed to Charlotte.

Here's my bargains for the day:

Martha Stewart 12x12 cutting mat, List price $18.49.  My price, $0.99!  CHA-CHING!  There was no price on it and the clerk at the register asked what it was.  I told him it was for crafts.  When he quoted the price of $0.99 I said, "I'll take it!"  :D  Love those kinds of clerks!  :D

Got these for use in VBS.  I'll have to sort the rubber bands, but that's OK.

FANTASTIC deal on these 4 rubber stamps.  The prices listed on them total up to $55.65.  My price, $3.99!  CHA-CHING!!  :D

I LOVE Jim Shore products!  So pretty!  The price tag on this was $25.00.  My price, $4.99!  CHA-CHING!!  That might not be a great price, but it was a price I was willing to pay for this item!  :D

These 2 ceramic trivets are also Jim Shore products.  The stickers on them were $3.99 each.  My price, $1.99!  CHA-CHING!  Not a GREAT deal, but what I was willing to pay for them.  :D

Liz posted some photos on facebook of a beautiful red flower that she grew.  We were trying to figure out what hers were.  I was thinking the guy who gave them to me from church said they were hollyhocks.  But someone said they were gladolias instead.  I checked to see if my gladolias were blooming yet when we got home.  Unfortunately, this stalk was broken and laying on the ground.  So, I broke it off and brought it in the house to trim up and put in a vase of water.  I am hoping the other buds go ahead and bloom!

Not very long after we got home, I found Tim like this.  We had a list of 8 Goodwills to go to in Charlotte.  After the 7th one he was done and we headed home.  Since it was going to be almost 4 when we got home, we stopped and ate at Mi Pueblo.  He regained some strength and we stopped at the Goodwill on University Parkway and then came home.  When he woke up I asked him if he slept.  He said yes and that I wore him out!  :D

Supper at Mi Pueblo

And, that's it for another thrifty Thursday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Photos

I've been a bad girl and not posted anything on here in awhile again!  But, today I was working on the latest family group photo that was taken when we had our get-together over Memorial Day weekend and I wanted to share with you the slight changes I made to the photo using my Photoshop editing program.

Here is Liz setting up for the pictures.  The 2 chairs are where the matriarch and patriarch will be sitting.  :D

Everyone gathered, leaving a spot for Liz to run to while the camera counted down.  Not bad for the first shot, but Kim's face is pretty much hidden, Abby and Thad were not smiling and Chance was shading his eyes. Even Tim was not smiling in this one.  And, you can't see much of Nathanael's face, either, but that didn't change in either picture.

Better, even baby Araya was looking forward in this one.  You can see Kim and Tim, Abby and Thad are smiling.  Now we can't see Kara's pretty face.  So, since this is the better of the two pictures, I decided to edit this one to make Kara more visible.

I enlarged this picture to show you what I "cropped" from this TAKE #1 photo to add to the TAKE #2 photo

And, voila!  Here is the new picture with everyone's face visible (for the most part)!  :D  You should be able to see a bigger copy of it by clicking on it.  
On a sad note, Cheryl and Addy are missing from the pictures!  If they had been here, it would have been EVERYONE in our beautiful family that God has so blessed us with! 19 in all, if I counted correctly, LOL!  I counted 3 times and got a different number every time!  :D

Now to work on this photo so I can get it printed at Walmart, one for us and one for Gram!  Anyone else in the family want one?  If so, leave a comment with the size you want!  Love you all!