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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Promises Fulfilled

Still doing the last minute VBS preparation stuff!  Monday is the first day, so it is creeping up quickly!  I told Michael that if he helped us get the VBS stuff done that we would go to Elisabeth and Brad's house and swim.  Sure is nice having some extra hands!  :D

Here Michael is helping to clean the church yesterday (Friday).

Here he helped me get the VBS area put back together on Friday.

Today, he got up early to help grandpa put up the games outside and do some more work inside.

Ladder Ball that the little kids love.

Volleyball that the bigger kids love!

After I asked Liz about coming to her house to swim, she invited us to dinner, too!  The grilled BBQ Chicken was DELICIOUS!!

Here they are playing chicken.

There's nothing chicken about this little girl!  Abby just takes off in the water!  :D

Here's progress pictures of her jumping into the pool with no arm floaties!

Tomorrow, I will work on the name tags for VBS!  Good night!  Have a wonderful Lord's Day!  Be sure and go to His house and worship Him!