Excerpt: The Pursuit of God, The Human Thirst for the Divine, A.W. Tozer

O God, I have tasted Thy goodness, and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more. I am painfully conscious of my need of further grace. I am ashamed of my lack of desire. O God, The Triune God, I want to want Thee; I long to be filled with longing; I thirst to be made more thirsty still. Show me Thy glory, I pray Thee, that so I may know Thee indeed. Begin in mercy a new work of love within me. Say to my soul, "Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away." Then give me grace to rise and follow Thee up from this misty lowland where I have wondered so long. In Jesus' name. Amen
Excerpt: The Pursuit of God, The Human Thirst for the Divine, A.W. Tozer

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week in Review

Sunday, February 21st
Our photo of the day.  Taken in front of the church on the platform in front of the 10 Commandments.

Sunset behind the church.
Monday, February 22nd
Taken at Shallowford Baptist before the preacher's meeting.
Tuesday, February 23rd
Taken in my craft room.  That is an angel made out of a mop hanging between us.
Wednesday, February 24th
Another tag I made for my "Who I am in Christ" tag book.  Ephesians 2:10 says we are God's workmanship.  The Greek word for workmanship translates into the English word, poem.

When the storm blew through today, with lots of wind and heavy rain, I had to pull my craft storage containers down and soak up the water that was pouring in!

This is the other side of the wall where it was blowing in.  This is the entrance way in the back.

It was over as quickly as it started!

Our picture of the day.
Thursday, February 25th
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Cloudy and windy today

And very chilly

We took a new group of Goodwill stores today, south and west of us, Rowan County then west to Statesville.  We were out ALL day!

Sun is beginning to set

Love this!

My book finds today.  I think Tim got 4, too.

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  That pork chop was delicious!
Friday, February 26th

The other Christmas Cactus that is full of buds!

We went to the Nursing Home/Rehab facility today to visit with the husband of one of the ladies at church.  I thought these clouds looked like God had stretched out cotton balls across the sky!

Out in front of the rehab facility.
After we got home from the rehab facility and eating lunch at Speedy's BBQ in Lexington, I told Tim I was going to go down the street and check out the church-related thrift store.  He said, "If you are going to our other 2, also, I'll go with you."  Well, I wasn't, but we did!  :D  I am glad I did as I found more books and completed several of the sets I was collecting.

Our daily photo up in the living room where I read at night.
Saturday, February 27th
Look what I discovered blooming at the church today!

Our daily photo taken down in the man room.
And, there is a picture review of our week.  I've had one of those headaches all day today, so I'm off to bed early tonight!  Nite!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Zippity Doo Da

That was a FAST week!  Time just keeps right on zipping by!  My parents used to tell us that time passed more and more quickly the older you get!  I'm believing it!

Thursday, February18th
We tried a new place out for breakfast, Stratford Station, because we were going to a used bookstore in that area to see if we could trade in some/all of the books we have been reading for store credit.  Well, they took very few of them, but for the 18 they kept, they gave us store credit of $19.25!  Now, granted their prices are higher than the thrift store books, but it is better than giving the books back to Goodwill for them to sell again and get nothing for them!  So, it is a win-win!  While we were there, Tim found 3 books he had on his list.  But, then we turned around and found 2 of those at the thrift stores that day!  Doesn't it figure!  :D

Since we were getting a later start than usual after eating breakfast out and going to the used bookstore, we decided to stay in our area and do our thrifting.  So, we went to the usual 2 and then went to the big Goodwill downtown because they have a HUGE book section.  We also hit 2 other thrifts that we rarely ever go to over there.....Mega Thrift and the Habitat ReStore.  I think we found books at the last 2, but not in the Goodwill!

Here's our daily photo.  Tim's comment was, "looks the same as all the rest."  Except that I took it in my craft room.  Guess I'll have to think of some things to get creative with our daily photo!  :D  Except for the suggestions his mom has made, like me on his shoulders, etc!  :D

Friday, February 19th
I have 2 Christmas Cactus plants that are crazy full of buds and blooms!  But, if I remember correctly, I may have had one bloom at Christmastime!  :D

LOVE the color of this flower!
We went to visit the husband of one of our church ladies.  He had a stroke on both sides of his head and is in rehab.  We also went to see Gary Mabe who is about the same.  Saw one lonely daffodil bloom at his house.
Our daily photo.  Taken at Abbott's Creek Nursing/Rehab Facility.
Tonight's ladies meeting was Movie Night.  We watched "Ruth."  Hannah even likes it!  :D
We had a great crowd of 11 ladies.  They really enjoyed the movie!

We ate while we watched!  :D
Saturday, February 20th
The usual happened today.....cleaning the bathrooms, laundry, cleaning the church.  It was a beautiful day!  I don't know what the exact temperature was, but it was shirt-sleeve weather, especially this afternoon when the sun finally broke through the clouds.

A robin perched in the tree that I can see from my laundry room.  I pulled the curtain back so I could be ready to take pictures.  I saw a cardinal earlier, but when I reached up to pull the curtain back, he flew away!

My second free scrapbooking kit that I won from Ali Edwards.

Our version of the farmer and his wife.  He is holding a pitch fork and neither of them are smiling.  We couldn't remember if the wife was holding anything, so I held the broom while Tim held the mop that HE didn't use!  :D  He uses the vacuum when we clean the church.
Daffodils at church will bloom soon if the weather stays warm.

Mine in the front of the house aren't as far along as the ones at church.  This side of the house stays in the shade most of the day.

Doesn't take much warmth or sunshine for these to pop their heads up!

Last but not least, the sky in the evening tonight.  Beautiful!
Have a blessed Lord's Day!  Nite!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


About the only thing done outside of the norm is that we went to visit Buford since he has not been able to get out to church much lately due to the very cold temperatures or bad weather.  He looked better than the last time we visited him.  He told us he has put back on a little weight that he lost due to lack of appetite.  That is good!  He is taking an antibiotic to keep the crud cleared out of his lungs, too.  :D

Our daily photo, taken in the man room after church

A selfie for my profile picture on facebook
 OK, the rest of these are layouts that I have done, either for the Faithbooking group I am in, or for the monthly challenges at The DigiChick.  Most of these are made using a brand new digital collection by Kimeric Kreations, "Be Still," and can be found in The DigiChick shop HERE.
Done for the Faithbooking group, using "Be Still"

Also done for the Faithbooking group, using "Be Still."

Done for the Word Art challenge at The DigiChick, using the "LOVE" word art provided by  Henriette (who hosts the challenge) and "Be Still."

Done for a challenge at The DigiChick, using "Be Still."

Done for a challenge at The DigiChick, using a mixture of stuff from various kits:  the background and key that is tied to the kite is from "At the Market" by Kimeric Kreations; the kite is from "Reminescence" by Kimeric Kreations; all the storm stuff is from "Inner Storm" by Creative Victorian (who retired last year).

Done for a challenge at The DigiChick, using all of a mini kit made for the challenge by Snickerdoodle Designs.
Well, time to do some reading before bed.  We are going to breakfast tomorrow which means I will be getting up earlier than usual!  :D  Nite!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After the Rain

Last night it rained pretty heavily during the night.  But, the temperature warmed and got rid of all of the snow.  We had one little pile in the shade by the car port, but I think that was it!

Tim and I made another run to Walmart today.  He needed cereal, bananas and juice.  I needed some tylenol pm's and stuffing mix for our turkey dinner tonight.  And we made the deposit while there and ordered more checks.  If they order them for us, they are free.  If I order them, I get charged for it.  And we have a free checking account, including checks and deposit slips, so I take advantage of it.  The checks aren't fancy, but who needs fancy checks, really?  Not this girl!  :D  To quote my dad, "If it's free, it's for me!"  :D

We got Valentine cards from Chance, Thad and Araya today

Notice anything in this picture about Tim?

YUM!  A turkey dinner is good anytime of the year!  And, I have discovered that, like peas, I like frozen lima beans, but not the canned ones!

Our daily photo showing the beautiful day!
I think I shall do some reading tonight!  Nite!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Is it Spring yet?

Man alive!  I am tired of these COLD temperatures!  Wouldn't it be nice to live somewhere that has temperatures around 70 degrees ALL year long?  Is there even such a place?  I don't know!  Oh well!  At least we don't live up north!  Thank You, Lord!

OK, now that I got that out of the way, I'll update you on what we've been up to since Friday.

Saturday, February 13th

Laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dusting the man cave in the morning.  Since we were supposed to possibly be getting some bad weather later on in the weekend, I decided to go for some major groceries at Aldi's and a few things at Walmart.  That took a couple of hours.
from this......
to this

from this......
to this

 I usually do not let the canned goods get down as low as I did this time, but I was trying to be sure I was using old stock to replenish with fresher, newer stock.  I also loaded up on meats and a few fresh veggies and a few other things.

Got the groceries put away and then I had to finish my laundry that I started when I got up.  I threw a load into the dryer and another into the washer.  While that was working, I went to the church to do the cleaning.  Came back just in time to hang up the dryer load and start another load in the washer.

We don't buy anything for each other for Valentine's Day.  We would rather go out to dinner.  We were going to try out someplace different.  Tim googled "best restaurants in Winston Salem" and settled on The Tavern of Old Salem, up Main Street about 10 minutes away.  "Built in 1816 as an annex to the historic 1784 Tavern in Salem, NC.  This family operated restaurant features dishes inspired by the Moravian families living in Salem in the 19th century.  We serve locally farmed food, craft and draft beers, wine, and mixed drinks in an upscale casual environment.  Waitstaff wearing historic Moravian attire serve during the day. Dine by candlelight in small intimate dining rooms for a romantic and memorable evening."
The Tavern of Old Salem

They don't open for dinner until 5:00, so we left the house around 4:30 to be sure and get there early.  However, after we waited for them to open the doors, we found out that all the tables had been reserved and unless we had reservations for the evening, we were not allowed in.  Bummer!  We ended up at P.F. Chang's.
Our daily photo.

We were not overly impressed.  For the price we paid, we did not get much food.  We both ordered chicken dinners, Tim the sweet and sour chicken and I got the almonds and cashews chicken.  There were hardly any vegetables at all.  And I wanted brown rice and Tim ordered white rice, but when the rice was brought to the table, it was all white.  They had run out of brown rice......really???

Sunday, February 14th

I got a nice card and a beautiful hair bow from my Secret Sister for Valentine's Day today.

We got word that the Preacher's Fellowship was canceled for tomorrow, and the kids were to be off for President's Day and wanted to spend the night.  So, I met Liz and picked them up.
Papaw and Ryan playing with the mini pool set we found at the thrift store.  (By the way, Elisabeth, Ryan left this jacket here.)

Our daily photo.....one beautiful couple!  :D  I love it that we don't plan to, but our outfits match quite often.
Monday, February 15th

First thing Ryan and Abby wanted to do this morning was to go outside.  By the time we got back from lunch, the parking lot was melted from the rain that started around lunch.

Abby all bundled up.  They didn't stay out long enough to even get their clothes wet.  There just wasn't enough snow for them to do much of anything.  I gave them each a tote lid to use as a sled, but there wasn't enough snow to even slide on.

Craft time!  They painted "bugs" from some plaster of paris items I made for VBS several years ago, using the bowls of a couple of different shaped plastic spoons.

A few of these were already painted (samples I made for the VBS), but they painted all but 4 that I had left!

Hannah wanted to make a butterfly out of hers.

Fortunately, we only got a dusting of snow.

Our regular trip to McDonald's over by the mall with a play area.

Being silly

Abby was kissing Ryan's leg, LOL!

And before you know it, it is time to take them back to their mom.

Weather was calling for freezing rain turning to rain over night.  As much as I hated to, since it was so cold out, I decided to get the sign done today instead of having to possibly do it in the rain tomorrow.  As soon as I walked out the door to work on the sign, it started sprinkling, but didn't last too long, thankfully!

Last but not least, our daily photo.
Here's a video of Ryan pushing Abby on the tote lid.

This was taken at McDonald's.  The sound sure echos in the play room!  :D

That's all folks!  Nite!