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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sister, Sister.......and other things

Had a wonderful week with my sister, Kim.

Picture taken Saturday, May 23rd at Elisabeth's

Here's a run-down of our week (subject to loss of memory) :D

Monday, May 25th (Labor Day) - All clothing was 50% off at Mega Thrift.  We didn't go until later in the day after supper.  The rest of the day we just messed around. I think I did some laundry.

Tuesday, May 26th - I am thinking we hung out at the house.

Wednesday, May 27th - We did some clothing shopping at 3 Goodwills.

Thursday, May 28th - We had made plans with Elisabeth to do thrifting in her area, however Tim didn't go due to going to a funeral about an hour away from here in North Wilkesboro, NC.  We took along our bathing suits to do some swimming when we got done thrifting.
The white cabinet would have been mine for my craft room if I would have had a way to get it home!  :(

We took a break from thrifting long enough to eat at Sonny's BBQ in Concord, NC.  Aunt Kim was Abby's BFF today!  They are playing a game like Whack-a-Mole.

We finished up thrifting and got back to Liz's around 2:45 - 3:00, which didn't give us enough time to get in the pool as Liz had to leave at 3:15 to pick up Hannah and Ryan from school.  So Kim and I left for home when Liz left for the school.  Kim and I waited on Tim to get home so we could go out to eat.  We ate Mexican at El Paisano's.

Kim and I played some scrabble on my HUGE board that is on a lazy Susan that I got for $5 at the thrift store last year.  We also started this puzzle earlier in the week.  It was hard puzzle to work!  But, we finally finished it!  

Friday, May 29th - Kim and I went to breakfast at Hardee's and then headed over to Hobby Lobby.  Neither of us had shopped the whole store, so we decided to take our time and do that.  Well, we started at the door and went around the perimeter of the store.  We picked up all of the free project sheets that we could find AND bought some stuff.  It was after 1 before we knew it and we were getting hungry, so we decided we needed to go eat so that we would be hungry for dinner when we went to Macaroni Grill.  We didn't see the interior of the store, but since it is mostly decorating stuff, we decided we didn't care.  :D  We stopped at McDonald's on the way home.

After we got back to the house after eating supper at Macaroni Grill, Kim headed for home.  She wanted to be able to get several hours of driving in before she had to stop for some sleep. 

Saturday, May 30th - Kim called around 9:15 to tell me she was getting ready to get off of her exit on I-95.  She was going to take a few things into the house (crayons so they wouldn't melt) and then lay down for a couple of hours.

Today was our last day for our Spring Visitation program at church.  It is just getting too hot!  After getting back home, we ate lunch and I began working on laundry and cleaning.  Jessica (our daughter-in-law) brought 2 boxes of craft items to me last weekend since she was cleaning out and getting ready to move to Alabama in a few months.  She also had some shelves and a lamp for me that they brought with them in Michael's truck.  THANKS so much, Jessica!
I gave some of these to Kim for her grandchildren.  Most of the others will be used for VBS, more than likely!

The other box Jessica gave me had a roll of clear contact type film, lots of painting canvases, some beautiful scrapbooking paper, black chalk board paint, clip boards, tacky stuff for hanging posters on the wall.  I will probably be selfish and keep this stuff for myself!  :D

Here's one of the shelves Jessica gave to me.....all filled up already!  :D

Here's the other shelf I put in the laundry room to hold the extra sheets and some of the blankets I have for when everyone is here.

And, last but not least, the beautiful floor lamp Jessica gave me.

Tim went to Lowe's for some plants, so I also got another hanging basket of Impatiens

I hung them on the other hook I had under the tree for a hummingbird feeder.  Never did get any hummingbirds and the nectar all leaked out.

When Tim was little, he used to look in the closet at the light in there and say, "moony up there!"  I thought of that when I saw the moon early tonight.  :D

Well, there you have it!  I forgot to mention that Araya's cold from last weekend finally found me this week!  So, that's the way it goes!  Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Great Weekend with Family

What a wonderful weekend with the Day Family!  EVERYONE except Cheryl and Addy were with us!

Friday, May 22nd
Kim arrived at around 7:15 a.m. after a practically sleepless night on the road (about a 1 1/2 hour catnap is all she could get), so she arrived much earlier than anticipated!

Michael, Jessica and Kara arrived around 11:45 p.m. to put food in the fridge before heading over to the hotel.

Jessica, Terry, Michael, Chance, Thad and Araya arrived around 2:45 a.m. Saturday morning.  I did NOT hear them come into the house!  :D

Saturday, May 23rd
Ryan had a soccer game, so we all went to cheer him on (except for Jessica and gang).  The game ended in a tie, 1 to 1.  They played for a certain amount of time and then the game was over.  Ryan is #7.

Playing offense down by the other team's goal.

Hannah and Kara enjoying some shade.

Abby cuddling with papaw.

After the game, we went back to Elisabeth's.  The kids were ready to get in the pool!  The water was chilly, but THEY didn't care!  :D
Michael came with us instead of staying behind with mom and gang.




Abby pushing Uncle Terry in.

Araya enjoying her lunch!

Kim and Nat playing corn hole

Even Araya got dressed for the pool!

Thad jumping into the float ring

Araya didn't mind the cold water at all!

My beautiful daughters!

lunch time!

The guys doing what guys football.

Araya enjoying an afternoon siesta!

Sunday, May 24th
Our church attendance was up significantly today with the 17 Day's being in attendance!  :D

Araya waiting for bath time.

Ryan, Chance and Thad slept together on the hide-away bed.

Araya LOVES bath time!

Liz getting the camera set up for the family group photos before everyone leaves for home.

So blessed with a beautiful family!

All of the grandchildren, except Adalina.

So blessed with 4 great kids!

LOVE this gang to pieces!  Thank you, LORD, for your blessings on me!
Hannah, Ryan and Abby spent the night, so they stayed and went to church.
Abby being Abby in her undies.

Abby kept her clothes on longer this weekend than I have ever seen her in clothes!

Monday, May 25th
We decided to meet Brad and Liz at Boone Cave Park.  Liz wanted to do some hiking, but some of us just wanted to check out the playground equipment.
What we found when we arrived at the park.  Bummer!

WHAT???  How can they be closed today?

Waiting while Liz looked for another park on her phone.

We went to another park.  The main road to this park had a bridge out in the middle of each entrance/exit to the park.  We were beginning to think we had made a mistake in even leaving the house!  :D  I don't remember what the name of this park is.

And we ended with a group photo.  Liz and Brad went to another place (Bull Hole) and we went home.

And that, my friends, is how our wonderful weekend with family went!  Thank you, LORD!