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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again!

After being gone a week, it is soooooo good to be back home where my very own bed awaits me!  Even though the bed in the hotel was comfortable, there's nothing like your own bed!  We left WV at 8:30 and the snow was coming down pretty heavily!  The temperature was 32 degrees, but nothing was sticking on the road.  The overpass right by the church and hotel was snow covered, however!  We got home at midnight, so it was not a bad trip.  This morning, while packing up the car, it started with the snow flurries.  Checkout time was 11 but since we didn't have any where to go, the lady at the hotel told us we could stay til 3:30.  Since she left at 4:30 that would give her plenty of time to clean our room, she said!  That was very nice!  I am recommending this hotel, Dawson Inn, as they accommodated us with our every need and was very clean and have wifi internet connections.  Since we were staying for a week, I called earlier to see if there was a fridge and microwave in the room.  They said no, but that they could put one in there for us.  We also took our toaster.  So, we were able to eat sandwiches for lunch and could heat up some breakfast sandwiches.

Here are a few pictures from the day and then it is bed time for me!

This was taken when we left the hotel this afternoon to go to the pastor's house to stay til time to leave for dinner.

 Look how white the hills look in the distance from the snow falling.
.It had gotten cold and the snow was coming down very heavy and started collecting on the cars and in the grass some by the time church was over.  By the time we got to NC, the snow had turned into rain!