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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Visit with my Girls, Part 1

My bed sure felt good last night, but I had a WONDERFUL time with my girls (and grands) over the past 2 weeks!  I took LOTS of pictures!  I narrowed them down to about 54 pictures to share with you over the next couple of days!  I thought about doing them all in one post, but that would be too much.....for me AND for you!  :D

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd - I left the house at 7:05 a.m.  Did the usual gas stop in Wytheville, VA and met Liz at Bob Evans in Teays Valley, WV for lunch.  We did some Christmas shopping and then headed to her house.  She picked up Ryan from preschool.  I stayed til I got to see Hannah after school and then left at ~ 2:30 to head to Jessica's.

Sweet Abigail at Bob Evans, 11/2/11
Thursday, Nov. 3rd - BIRTH day!  I got to take care of Sawyer while mommy and daddy were at the hospital.  Jessica began the induction medicine at 6 a.m.  Thad was born at ~ 1:15 p.m.  It was a beautiful day and I had no problems with Sawyer.  He didn't understand why mommy and daddy were not at home.  He kept pointing to their bedroom door and saying, "mommy?"  "daddy?"

Sweet Sawyer eating a good lunch for grandma, 11/3/11

I took Sawyer outside to play.  I showed him how to blow on the dandilions to make their seeds fly away.  The seeds usually ended up in his mouth!

Sawyer with a dandilion, 11/3/11

Later in the afternoon after Michael got home from school, I took him and Sawyer to see mommy and baby Thad.

Jessica with her 3 boys, 11/3/11

The pictures wouldn't be complete without a tub picture of the grands!  :D

Sawyer, playing in the tub, 11/3/11

Friday, Nov. 4th - Jessica let Michael stay home from school today so he could "help" me with Sawyer!  The only problem I had with him was through the night.  He woke up crying, so I put him on the love seat with me for the rest of the night.  He went right back to sleep and slept, not so much!

Sawyer, wearing grandma's shoe, 11/4/11

I think it was about 1:30 p.m. when Jessica and Terry got home with Thad.  Jessica will have her hands full for awhile with 2 babies!

Terry, Thad and Sawyer, 11/4/11

Thad is already learning to squint with the camera flashes!  :D

Thad in Michael's cradle, 11/4/11

Sawyer enjoying a bed time snack of ice cream, 11/4/11.  Good to the last drop!

Saturday, Nov. 5th - It was a long night for mommy and daddy and Thad, as they get used to each other and the schedule!  Sawyer slept the whole night!  In the afternoon, Terry's mom, step-dad and nephew came over to celebrate Terry's birthday.

Sawyer in his Halloween monkey outfit, longing to be outside with the big boys, 11/5/11

Sawyer and Michael on the trampoline, 11/5/11

Terry and Thad catching a few winks, 11/5/11

Terry and Sawyer ready for some German chocolate cake, 11/5/11

Jessica had this picture made for Terry's birthday, 11/5/11

The HUGE chair Terry's mom got for him, 11/5/11

Sawyer likes to wear a microphone like his Bubba, 11/5/11

Some grandma time with Thad, 11/5/11

Sunday, Nov. 6th - After church and lunch, Michael, Alex (his friend) and I went to the pond at the end of the street to fish.  They did more playing around than fishing, but they each caught a little bluegill.

Michael fishing at the pond, 11/6/11

Michael's one and only catch of the day, 11/6/11

I'll post some more tomorrow!


"Gram" said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, Grandma!

Happy belated birthday to Terry! Looks like he got a couple of "big" presents. :) But Jessica looks like she was all baby! Whoo-hoo!

Connie delivered your message. Thanks for thinking of us.