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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Visit with my Girls, Part 2

Monday, Nov. 7th - Just another day!  I think we just hung out at the house this day, but I don't remember, lol! 

We ate lunch before we left.  Can you say, YUMMY?!  Sawyer knows the meaning of "getting into his food!"  :D

Tuesday, Nov. 8th - Jessica and I did a bit of running around while Terry was interviewing with the State of Ohio for a job.  Among other places, we drove to Columbus to find out the JC Penney where she had pictures made was closed!

Who's the cute little dude in the back seat?!  The star of the next "Men in Black" movie!
 Thad going to town on that thumb!
 Squinting at the flash!
 Sawyer likes to play games with the big people!  Or, he likes to move all the pieces, I should say!
 Wednesday, Nov. 9th - Not much going on this rainy day today.  I've been helping Jessica with some cleaning so that she won't have so much to do when I'm gone except try to keep up with the day-to-day stuff.  Today I cleaned Michael's bathroom!

Just about every house in the subdivision Jessica and Terry live in has these trees.  I was surprised to see that they all have their colorful leaves yet!

Thursday, Nov. 10th - Liz and the kids came later today.  This morning, a photo shoot with Thad in the hat and sack I made for him.Thad was so cozy, comfy in the sack that I made for him that he let Jessica put him in any position she wanted during the photo shoot today!  I think his expression in the first picture is just so cute.  Like he's saying, 

"What have I gotten myself into?!"
 Whatever, mom!
 Turn me every which way but loose!
 What happened to my warm sack?!
 Sawyer giving bubby a kiss.
 This is definitely one of the "loose" positions!  I feel like one of those babies being delivered by a stork!  YIKES!
 The ghost of photos past has got me!
I laughed so hard when Jessica threw the sheet over Terry's head to disguise him as the backdrop for taking pictures of Thad!
 Well, the sweater outfit I made for Thad will have to wait til Sawyer outgrows it!  :D
 Precious baby toes!
 Sawyer liked grandma's toasty, soft footies!
 Aunt Elisabeth and cousins Hannah and Ryan enjoying their first inspection of Thad.
 YAY!  Pizza!  Terry went bowling tonight, that's why he isn't in the picture!
 But all Abigail got was yucky sweet potatoes and corn.....which she threw up at bed time!
 Grandma's favorite thing.....holding the babies!
Holding babies happens to be something Hanna loves, too!

To be continued.......


jessicaday said...

Kara and I are LOVING these pictures!! :-)