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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Days 103, 104, and 105 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Abigail turned one year old on Friday, April 13th!  It is hard to believe!  It really is true that the older you get, the faster the years go by!  I went to WV without Tim to celebrate her birthday.  Tim had visitation to attend to on Saturday is the reason he could not go.  Jessica came down to Elisabeth's with Sawyer and Thad.  It was a good visit!  I took LOTS of pictures!  Those posted here are the best ones.  My camera that is less than a year old broke on Wednesday before I left for WV on Thursday!  GRRR!!  Good thing I had kept my old one otherwise I would have no pictures of the big event!  :(

I will provide a bit of info before each group of pictures.

Liz and I met for lunch in Teays Valley and then we went to the Hurricane Park so the kids, who were on Spring break, could play for awhile.

For the fun of it, we tried the little skirt I made Abigail on Thad!  It fit him the same as it fit Abigail.  I thought I got a picture of Abigail in it, but I could not find it.

Friday, we went shopping at "The Weekender" in Gallipolis.  While there we ate lunch at Long John Silver's.  Then we did some shopping in Eleanor before going to the park to take some pictures and let the kids play.

At the house in the morning before leaving.

 Long John Silver's

 The Weekender
 Eleanor Park

We heard late Friday that there was going to be a parade on Saturday and the roads would be blocked at 1:00 p.m. from traffic traveling through Buffalo.   So, we went to the church early (the birthday party would not start until 2:00) and went down to watch the parade.  Grandpa Chuck and Reba arrived in plenty of time.

At the house before we left.
 Sawyer watching the parade that lasted about 8 minutes.  It was only horses.
 During the party.
 The little people got to play in the bounce house.
 Dr. Seuss themed party decorations.

 It was fun to watch Abigail pulverize the "smash" cake!  She ate quite a lot of it, too!  I'm surprised she did not get sick!
 Every party has to have a blind-fold game!
 Michael, who turned 11 on the 9th of April, is almost as tall as his Aunt Elisabeth!
 Daddy and grandma (Brad's mom) hosing Abigail off!
 Brad's grandma and Abigail.
 Sawyer in a blind-fold.
 Great Grandpa holding Thad as he slept.
Yep, it was a fun time!  After everyone left around 3, we cleaned up a bit.  Then Jessica and I packed up to leave.  Jessica woke up sick on Friday with a sore throat and very hoarse.  By the evening on Friday she was feeling pretty bad with aches, headache and fever.  Saturday was not much better.  I hope you are feeling better by now, Jessica!

Thanks, Liz, for the use of the camper and for the great party!

Until next time........


Tammy said...

What a super party! Your grandchildren are adorable. :)

Gram said...

Happy birthday to Abigail! Looks like everyone had a fun weekend.

I love the picture of the 2 babies in their strollers. It looks like Abigail is trying to console Thad. What a great cousin!