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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 90 and 91 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Yes, I know this isn't actually Day 90 in the Year of Our Lord 2012!  It's actually Day 106!  So, that tells me I have more than 2 weeks of posts to share with you today!  :D  But, I'll just hit the highlights, for your sakes!

Beginning with our visit to Michael, Jessica and Kara's on March 29-31.  Our main purpose for the trip was to attend the Grandparents Day at Kara's school.  A special program was put on by all ages for the grandparents.  All the kids did a wonderful job!  Singing and was all good!

 The kindergarteners sang 2 songs.  For the most part, they all knew the songs!

 After they sang, each class went back to their classrooms.  After the program the grandparents were dismissed to visit with their grandchildren in their classroom.  One of the things they did while we were there was finger painting.  That is always a favorite activity!  They finger painted kites today.

 After they finished, their kites were hung up on a clothesline to dry.

Another activity the children did was a contest between the group sitting on the purple squares of the mat and the group sitting on the red squares of the mat.  The teacher put some letters down on the mat and she called out a word that used one of the sounds from the letters.  The team who was first to reach the correct letter received a point for their team.  Kara and her opponent tied!  They all did very well!

 In another activity, the children were given a clip board and a paper with the words "Spring is here" written down the side.  The children were to use their resources around the room to find objects/words/names that began with each letter shown.  I think Kara was the first one done.

 Upon completion, they were to put their paper in the "completed" side of their folders.  The teacher says Kara always tried to be the first one done!  She is her father's child!  :D

 A pretty smile from a pretty girl!  

We were with in Kara's classroom maybe 45 minutes when they announced over the intercom that it was lunch time for the grandparents!  It was more than a snack!  It was a meal!  And it was very good!

 It was early out day, but Kara was able to leave even earlier so she could go home with us.  She and I played in the basement most of the evening!  We drew pictures on the white board, played with some toys, played hide and go seek, etc!  After Kara goes to bed in the evening, it is time for the adults to play Euchre!  The women against the men tonight.....and winning 2 out of 3 was the women!

 Friday turned out to be a pretty miserable day weather-wise.  We had planned to go to the park, but it was rainy and cold!  We did go out for dinner.  In the evening, Kara was allowed to stay up later since we were there and it was not a school night.  We played Pictionary.  Kara's mommy found words for her to draw and Michael, Tim and I did the guessing.  She did really well!  One of the last words for her to draw was "pimple."  Jessica asked her if she understood what she was supposed to draw.  Well, Kara proceeded to draw stick figure people.  Her mommy asked her if she knew the meaning of the word, then repeated the word to Kara.  Then Kara erased the board and started again!
It was too funny!  She drew a circle for a head and stuck only a dot on the face!  I told her to write out her word so I could get a picture of her drawing!  After Kara went to bed, we played more Euchre.  The men beat both games tonight!   We always have lots of fun playing Euchre with Michael and Jessica.

 As always, time for departure on Saturday came too quickly!  So when it came time for the family pictures, Kara took the first couple.  She actually did a pretty good job and the pictures were very clear!

 A beautiful family.

 Then I sat the camera on the counter and set the timer for the group picture.

I had to take a picture of Jessica's beautiful tulips that were just beginning to bloom.  
Thanks again for the wonderful weekend, Michael and Jessica!
And, thank you, sweet Kara, for inviting papaw and I to the grandparents day at your school!  We loved it!


jessicaday said...

What a wonderful post! We had a great time too and it meant so much to Kara that you came to her grandparents day. :-) It meant even more that you spent HOURS playing with her! lol.

Tammy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! So glad you were able to go. :)