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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This year is just zipping by!  I know it is only February, but where did January disappear to?  Seems like yesterday that it was Christmas! 

Well, let me catch you up a bit from my last post, which may have been last Wednesday when Tim couldn't talk and the evening services at church were cancelled.  That was the night of the tornadoes and storms, too.

So, Thursday we did our regular thrifting, yes, we did!  Even though Tim could not preach, he really didn't feel badly.  But, for whatever reason, when he gets a cold (which he hasn't had for a LONG time) it goes straight to his throat and he usually loses his voice!  Anyway, I have avoided getting it, knock on wood, LOL!  How?  I refused to kiss him!  :D

Here's my BARGAIN of the day from our day of thrifting on the 31st of January.  Take a guess at how much I paid for this normally $31 Willow Tree carving............Guesses, anyone?

Sunday, we had dinner on the grounds of the church and then gave the gifts to the young couple who are expecting the 21st of this month.  So, I worked on decorating the fellowship hall on Friday and Saturday.  I wanted to fix punch.  You can't have a shower without punch, right?  Well, I googled and found this absolutely, deliciously CUTE punch at All Recipes dot com.  The duckies floating in the bowl of blue was a hit!  Here's the ingredients for you to keep in mind for a future shower:
1 pkg blueberry (mixed berry) Kool-ade
1 c. sugar
2 liter of lemon-lime beverage
64 oz white cranberry juice, which I couldn't find, so I used white grape juice
8 scoops of vanilla ice cream
 Here's the cute baby carriage cake one of the ladies of the church made.  She also made the yellow mint candies you see on top of the cake.  Jase will be the baby's name.  I thought maybe it was short for Jason or something, but, nope!  That will be his name, Jase Michael!  NICE ring to it!
This is just a teaser for you.....a SMORES!  :D
 And, this is my latest art journal page that I finished today.  You have probably heard this acronym before:
G - God's
R - Riches
A - at
C - Christ's
E - Espense
Where would any of us be without the GRACE of GOD?
BTW, if you guessed $1 for the Willow Tree statue, you were correct!  :D