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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No church services for us tonight as Tim could not preach. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for Tim and his throat.  Keep praying so he can preach on Sunday!

As warm as it has been, I told Tim yesterday that the flowers would probably begin sprouting.  I went to the mail box and spotted these coming up.  I don't know if they are tulips or daffodils!  I guess we shall see (at least I hope they don't get frost bitten now that they are up this far!).

Here's a picture of the ominous looking sky that was moving into our area from the west this evening.  The wind sure blew!  And, when it rained at one point it POORED and blew in around the chimney and ran down the wall in my craft room, so I had to move some books.  It has done that before and one of the men at church did some patching, so it either needs to be patched again or it just blew in at a weird angle.
 Here's another page I finished today.  I did the painting yesterday and put the butterflies on today.  I cut Kara out of a photo where she was standing by the ocean holding her hands out.  Jessica saw the quote on facebook and said it reminded her of this picture of Kara and I agreed, so there ya go!
 I worked on this one tonight since we didn't have church.  I hate my handwriting, so I decided to try something different.  I used a photoshop brush of Cilenia Curtis' for the morning glories and printed it out backwards and then placed it on my painted background and transferred the black outline by rubbing it onto the page.  I did the same thing with the title and the poem.  It took a lot of elbow grease, but I think it turned out nicely.  I painted the morning glories and vine and the background with acrylic paint.
 So tomorrow is our thrift store day!  Can't wait since I haven't been in 2 weeks!  :D  PLUS I'm ready to eat out, too!


jeday0323 said...

Whoa. I LOVE those pages!! Amazing!

I sure hope Tim gets better quicker - I feel like it's been a week already.

I can't believe how big those flowers are! Poor little things are confused thinking it's March. :-)