Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flowers in my Art Journal

I tried something different with my art journal last night (Monday).  And, it turned out OK.
I laid down a flower stencil on both sides and stenciled with the green.  Next I used the cut-out part of a homemade stencil, laid it down in the center and stenciled the blue around it to get a "window" effect for the flowers.  Then I took a micron pen and drew in the flowers from the first stencil.  Then I painted them.  Next, I used the homemade stencil to outline around the "window" and painted a shadow around it.  Then I printed out the verse on a 4x6 index card, cut it apart, outlined each piece and glued them down.  I sprayed a gold glimmer mist over the whole thing.  That is what showing up as shiny in the photo.

So today (Tuesday) I worked in VBS stuff all day.  I printed and hung schedules in the classrooms and various other parts of the fellowship hall where we hold the VBS.  I put up the neat decorations that Liz made to use for their VBS at Buffalo Baptist.  THANKS, Liz!  I filled up the guessing jars with candy and stuff, one for each day of the week.  I made the mystery box.  I toted the craft stuff from the house back to the storage cabinet in the fellowship hall.  I swept up tons of spider webs and bug carcases from the entry where the name tag table is and in the kitchen area.  I also made several bean bags for the tossing games we use during VBS.  I used some sleeves I cut off of some long-sleeved shirts to make them into short-sleeved shirts.  I filled them with clear pony beads I had on hand.

While I had my broom in hand, I swept off the HUGE spider webs from the entrance at our back door.  What a mess!

I worked on cleaning up my paint mess from the dining room tonight.  I dragged it all back into my craft/computer room.  I'll attempt to put it back in the right spot tomorrow!  :D

Watched "America's Got Talent" tonight with Tim.  That is the only TV that I watch!  If you watch it, the most amazing thing to me are the young kids and the talent they all have!  And those crazy stunt people are just that.....CRAZY!!!!

Well, time for bed!  I was up til 2 a.m. last night and back up at 8, so I am definitely tired!  Later!

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