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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Final Day

Sunday Sunrise at approx 7:15.  Not sure if that is a cruise ship to the right or not.

I enjoyed watching this black bird picking jelly and butter from the containers on the table behind us.  He took one jelly, pecked a hole in it then left it.  Then he chose some butter and carried off.  In a few minutes he was back trying to scrap the butter off of his beak onto the table leg before hopping up and grabbing another butter and carrying it into the greenery next to the hut.

Tim enjoyed some yogurt, granola, toast and coffee today while I enjoyed (and shared)......

a bowl of fresh pineapple and cantaloupe and orange juice.  After eating cashews and croutons in the last couple of evening meals, my tooth is touchy today!  I am praying it won't cause too much trouble before I can get it taken care of on Wednesday when we get home.

It was very enjoyable listening to the gurgling of the water fall right next to the hut.

A quick "selfie" before leaving for church.  I gave up on trying to keep my hair from curling and frizzing by spending tons of time on straightening and shaping it.....this morning I dried it and let it go.  Tim does not like it like this.  I'll work on it after we get home! 

Notice how puffy Tim's right cheek is?  He work up on Friday with it looking like this and he says it is sore.  The lump that the doctor could not find on his own and Tim had to direct his hand to find is spreading down under his cheek.  Sure praying these next treatments are going to be what the Lord used to heal him of the cancer that is spreading rapidly!

A kind old gentleman offered to take this picture of us when he saw me holding the camera out at arm's length.  Beautiful day today!  It rained during church, but quit before church was over.

Enjoying the water on our feet.

Looking out over the ocean.

Sea weed washed up this morning.

His walk the beach and hold hands and try to forget the cancer for awhile.

Not sure what the ship is.  I was trying to capture the sea gull zoomed in.  They are quick!

We noticed it looked like it was raining or brewing up a rain in the distance.

We decided to sit and relax in one of the pool chairs.....since we were paying $10 a day for them, even though this is the only day we or anyone else has been in them since we got here on Thursday.  When we came back to the room from breakfast someone new was "moving in."  I told Tim I wished we were just getting there.....again!  :D

Nice and relaxing with the sea breezes blowing!

Here's my treasures for the day.

When we left church we ate at Panera Bread.  Tim said he wanted to eat in the room tomorrow morning before leaving around 7:30, so we got a couple of HUGE cinnamon rolls.  The pecan roll and bear claw were for dessert today!  :D

So pretty!

We found a church who hasn't closed because of the Super Bowl.  Tim is napping while I type this up.  I need to get the sand washed off and dressed for church as we will leave in about an hour.  When we leave tomorrow, we will travel about half way to home, stopping over in Georgia for the night and then on into home on Tuesday.