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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sun Up to Sun Down

Well, today turned out to be a looooooooong day! 

The plan.....Go to Miami to the Everglades Adventure Park to do some air boat riding, see some gators, etc.  Before we left the hotel at around 9:30, I called to make reservations for a dinner cruise on the Jungle Queen that would launch at 6 p.m. from not too far from the hotel here.  Well, on the way to Miami, we saw a sign for Key West.  Tim said he wished we had a couple more days so we could go to Key West.  I said, let's go Monday after we leave the hotel.  He said, no, we need to stay on schedule for getting back home.  I said, well, let's go there today and he said, no, you want to do the dinner cruise.  I said I wanted to do it because it was something we hadn't done before but we don't have to do it.  So he agreed and instead of doing the Everglades activity we headed to Key West.

We found another Butterfly activity to do and planned to visit the Southernmost point of the US and to visit the Truman Little White House.  The people were ALL over the place and the traffic was HORRIBLE and the parking was non-existent!  We did manage to find a parking spot pretty close to the Butterflies.  Then we went around the corner to the Southernmost Point but the line to get their pictures taken by the Point was too long so we got back in the car to go to Truman's Little White House.  We could not find parking, the one way streets and the people and traffic finally chased us away!  We headed back.

Our GPS took us the Florida Turnpike on the way down, but somehow we are going to be charged by the license plate of our car that pictures were taken of as we passed the no cash payment cameras.  However, we have a rental car, so we totally do not know what is going to happen with that because the license plate for the car we rented from Enterprise is a Texas license plate.  You can't make something like that up, LOL!  Soooooooooooo we avoided the turnpike on the trip back and stayed on US1 til we could get to I95.  On the way there (which took FOREVER!) Tim said he was in the mood for spaghetti, so we found an Olive Garden and ate.  We finally got back after 9 p.m.

Here are a few pictures from the day, starting with a sunrise picture.

These are from the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory in Key West.  Within a minute or 2 of walking into the Conservatory a butterfly landed on Tim and as I tried to get my camera ready to get a picture the butterfly left Tim and landed on me.

Didn't really see any butterflies that we hadn't seen at Butterfly World on Thursday but the foliage and flowers seemed to be prettier at this one.

There were several of these dishes of cut fruit around.  The butterflies here are Monarchs and I don't know what kind of bird that is but isn't it beautiful?!  I thought it very interesting that the underside of the Monarchs wings are so different compared to the upper side of blue and black.

There were some little quails running around at Butterfly World and there were some here, too.

More beautiful plants.

We had to wait about 20 minutes at Olive Garden, so we waited outside.

Tim found a Baptist church for us to attend tomorrow.  It is just a couple of miles away.  It must be off of our beaten path as, for the most part, the only thing we have seen are Catholic churches.

Hard to believe tomorrow is our last day here already!  sigh!