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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 362 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

First, here's the birthday gifts I found for Chance, Thad and Abigail yesterday at AC Moore.

 Two each, one set each for Abigail and Thad.
 These are for Chance.
Two each, one set each for Thad and Abigail.

Today, Tim spent the morning at the hospital while one of our members had hernia surgery.  I stayed here with the kids.  We just messed around and talked with Jessica and Kara on Skype.  Then we went to McDonalds for lunch.  They wanted to go to one with a play area, but I didn't want them to play outside in the one closest to the house.  So we went to the McDonalds by the mall and was glad to find there was a play area inside.  We were there for an hour or so.

Here's the play area.

Here's Ryan.

 Here's Hannah.

Michael and I played tic tac toe and hang man and connect the dots while Ryan and Hannah played.

I've had stomach problems since we got back from McDonalds and did not eat supper with the rest.  All I've been eating is tums and pepto.  YUCK!  Would MUCH rather have been able to eat spaghetti like Tim and Michael.  Hannah and Ryan ate PB&J and Yogurt.
 Michael was being goofy and wouldn't smile for me.  I told him to look at me and say cheese.  He did if very quickly and so his face got blurred!

After baths, we watched another movie, "The Reef."  Cute movie.  It will be earlier lights out tonight.  That's why we started the movie earlier (plus the fact that we didn't have church, so we got to start earlier).

OK, more tomorrow!


Tammy said...

It's so fun to read about your day! Hope your tummy feels better soon.

Elisabeth said...

You should have made Hannah and Ryan eat the spaghetti! And I see Ryan is wearing his robe. Tell them I love them!