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Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 363 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Today the girls and the boys parted ways.  Hannah and I went to the thrift stores and Ryan and Michael and Tim went to the shooting range.

Ryan fired 4 rounds, I think, but Tim said he had more fun just collecting the empty shells. 

Michael looks pretty serious, too!

This afternoon we just messed around the house.  After supper and after Tim watched the news, we all played a game of Monsters, Inc Life.

 So, I set the timer on the camera and told everyone to say cheese.....and Michael gives me this TOTALLY dumb face.  When do they grow out of that??!!

 Hannah did not actually play the game with us.  She passed out the life points, salary cards, etc which was a great help!

And the winner is.................RYAN!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Michael came in a CLOSE second!

The movie I got at Walmart on Tuesday has been a BIG hit.....Monster House.  We watched it Tuesday night together.....they watched it again today......and then wanted to watch it AGAIN tonight!  So, I fixed some popcorn and they watched it while Tim read in the man cave and I sat here playing on the laptop.

Speaking of computers.....I booted my desktop up on Tuesday for Hannah to play on and in the middle of the process it just turned off!  I thought maybe I had hit the sleep button, but nothing I did brought it back on.  There was a blinking green light on the power supply.  Tim did some research on the internet and from all indications it seemed to be a power supply problem (which I have replaced once before!!!)!  So, I told Tim not to worry about it for now if he didn't want to because I was going to be too busy to spend much time on it anyway with the kids here.  So, I've been checking my e-mail and facebook and posting here and basically that is all.  Well, today in the mail was a power supply that Tim had ordered from online on Tuesday.  He put it in and........VOILA!  Problem solved!!!  Good thing because ALL of our checkbook information is on there (Quicken program) and the last backup I have was from last month when I did the balancing at the end of the month!  I sure would've hated to have tried to work it back up to current with that information!  Thank You, Lord!!!

Til tomorrow....................


Elisabeth said...

If I remember correctly, we rented that movie Monster House for the kids to watch and turned it off bc we didn't think they should be watching it. Have you been watching it with them to notice anything bad?? I could be thinking of something else but I don't think so...

Tammy said...

Fun day! Glad your computer is up and running properly. :)