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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A New Fight Begins

Unfortunately, I have bad news about Tim. The cancer has progressed to stage 4 metastatic melanoma. The PET scan and MRI revealed there is cancer in various places throughout his body, including the brain. The oncologist referred Tim to another oncologist that specializes in the treatment of this type of cancer. He (the other dr) didn't call it chemo therapy, which attacks ALL cells, good and bad. It is a drug (??) that attacks only the bad cells. The way he talked (and you can believe that I don't really know what I'm talking about in trying to explain this) typically this cancer is "just under the skin." So, when I say "including the brain" I "think" it is on the skull at the base of the brain behind the right ear.

As I write this, I know our God is able to perform miracles, but I also know that He will be with us through the whole journey, and THAT may be the miracle that everyone sees! I pray for strength through this journey, whatever road we travel, but I'm not feeling very strong at this moment. Just know that I cherish every prayer you offer on Tim's behalf!

Right now, we are waiting for a call (within the next day or so) with appointment schedules, etc. to begin the treatments. I will keep you all posted.  Keep those prayers going always upward!  XOXO


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Praying. So sorry to hear this difficult news.

Tammy said...

Praying for you all, Vicky! Many hugs!!!!

Bunnyfreak said...

Praying for you both.

Vicky said...

Thanks so much for the prayers, everyone!

Anita B said...

Steve & I are praying for you both.

Vicky said...

Thanks, Anita! Hope you and your family are doing well!