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Friday, October 25, 2013

No News is NOT Good News!

Got to skype with Kara today.  I think I have mentioned that I do crafts with her and this is part of her homeschool curriculum.  She really does a good job and loves crafts of all sorts!  A girl after my own heart!  :D

We did some more visiting today and then went to Walmart AGAIN!  We forgot to get some slippers for Tim to wear at the hospital.  And we also got some fruit to add to the fruit basket I made for the member that was in the hospital but got home yesterday afternoon.  It didn't have enough fruit in it as far as I was concerned with the first.  I just thought that I should have taken a picture of the final product as it looked pretty good!  :D 

After I got back from delivering the fruit basket, I worked on the checkbook some and by that time the afternoon mail came.  There were financial papers from the hospital that I was expecting to receive that we had to complete and will take back with us when we go for Tim to take the stress test.  They already know we do not have insurance and we can only claim $250,000 with the Samaritan Ministries group.  So, the hospital is going to help us get set up for Social Security Disability and NC Medicaid and whatever those don't take care of, we will submit to Samaritan Ministries.

The hospital told us that we needed to get those applications started so that there would be no interruptions in the treatments for Tim.  Problem is that when we tried to apply on line for the SSDisability, an error on the first page of the application came up when I put in Tim's birthday.  The error said that he had to be at least 61 to apply.  The other error was in my answer to the question if he had been unable to work for the past 14 months.  When we told the girl at the hospital about it, she said there are no age restrictions and she did not know why I got that error!  GRRR!  I guess we will have to make a trip in person to the SS Department!  I'm sure the beginning of the paperwork pain has only just begun!

As far as the NC Medicaid, I was told that someone from the hospital would call and walk me through that online application.  I'm still waiting for that call, too!  AND we are still waiting for the coordinator to call us with the appointment for the stress test, which she said she would call today.  And, I received an e-mail telling me she was getting ready to call "in a little while" at 2:23 this afternoon.  That didn't happen!  I know we are not the only ones she is having to deal with, so I am trying to be patient!  Well, at least I've got the financial paperwork ready to return to the office there, whenever we get over there!

The weather was a bit warmer this morning than it has been the last couple of mornings.  Probably because of the cloud cover.  Tim didn't say if there was a frost when he went across to the church office.  But, it didn't get very warm through the day!  It was sunny, but very windy and it was a cold wind from that Canadian front.  BRRRR!  It is supposed to be in the mid to upper 20's here in the morning!  YIKES!  We put the hanging baskets back under the car port again tonight!  The purple mums are soooooooooo pretty!  The yellow ones are not blooming so profusely as the purple ones are for some reason!

OK, I think I will do some reading before bed.  Here's a picture of the horses Kara and I made today.  Love and hugs to everyone!


jeday0323 said...

Ugh, what a mess!

So glad Kara could be your little ray of sunshine for the day. :-)

Vicky said...

I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better, too! You know how paperwork goes when the gov't is involved! :(

Bunnyfreak said...

Vicky - added the financial piece to my prayers for you both.

Vicky said...

THANKS TONS for that, Heather! We are going to need everything we can get! :D HUGS!

Judith said...

Those financial hoops you jump through make things extra stressful - as if you needed more. :( Just be the "squeaky wheel" and things will be OK. Hugs and prayers!!

Vicky said...

I can be a squeaky wheel when I need to be, but I don't like to be! My personality is to make peace not war, so it is very hard for me to not let someone "run over me." Thanks, J, for the encouragement! XOXO