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Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 7 Wait no More!

We got the call today for Tim's scheduled stress test.  It is Wednesday!  We also received another list of items we need to pack for the hospital stay, so back to Walmart we went!  We talked more with the coordinator who answered the questions we had from the brochure she sent us to read.  Then she asked us some questions to see if we understood what the treatment involved and the side effects that could take place.  I told her that I was still waiting on someone from the business office to call me to help walk me through the NC Medicaid application!  I may end up having to tackle this on my own!

Every day we learn of more and more people who are praying for Tim and it is just so encouraging and really helps!  Every day Tim is receiving get well wishes in the mail, too!

So, now that we have the schedule for the stress test, we have made some plans to get away for a few days the last part of the week.  We will be going to see Tim's dad and mom and will also stop by Elisabeth's house on the way back home and spend the night.  Jessica is planning to go to Elisabeth's also, to see her dad before the treatments begin.  So it will be a reunion of sorts that won't last very long.  :(  But, we will take all the time we can get with our family!