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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Round 2 of IL-2, Day 3

Tim was not able to take the midnight dose, which would have been #5, due to there not being enough urine output.  So, as weird as it sounds, they started pumping the fluids into him.  He did sleep a little more through the night.  Whatever it takes!  :D  He doesn't remember what the exact weight was at 4 a.m. this morning, but he thinks he has put on 11 lbs of water weight so far.  I can tell because his eye lids are very puffy.

The rooms in the new part of the Cancer center are now operational and so he was moved from the "North Tower" to the Comprehensive Cancer Center, 8th floor, room C-805.  He was able to receive the 8 a.m. dose and do the cocooning to ward off the chills.  However, he was still a little bit chilly when they brought him over here, so they cranked up the heat.  The next thing you know, the covers are flying off as it really warmed up in his new room.  The thermostat is not directly in his room, it is in the separate "foyer" for lack of a better word.

Dr. Stewart was just here (1:32 p.m.) and said everything looked good for the 4 p.m. dose, but the nurses will call him at 3 to give him the final numbers before he gives the go.

The room is beautiful!  Plenty of room, too!  Here are some photos:

Here's a "thumbs up" from our trooper.

Look at the size of this room!  The doors on the left enter into the "foyer" I mentioned.

Here's looking from the other direction.

Nice, big bathroom.

Here's a view looking into Tim's room from the outside door of the "foyer" and we have to keep this outside door closed because of the acoustics on the floor.  The conversation REALLY carries into the patient room!

Back in the room now and looking at the shelves in the corner on the far end of the room as you enter.

Well, the lounge chair is a lot more comfy than the chair I sat in in the other room.  I'm thinking it will be more comfortable than the couch that is in the room!

There is no "sinking feeling" with this couch, I'll tell you for sure!

We walked around and saw some of the other rooms and the arrangements are different and there is more room for the couches in the other rooms.  Once again, just depends on how the room is shaped.  Where they have put the couch in this room makes no room for you to open the closet door all the way.  It is opened as far as it will go against the couch as you see in the photo.

All in all, very nice facilities over here!  I'll take some photos around and post them later.  We think Tim is on for the 4 p.m. dose.  He is up 17 lbs already!  Absolutely NO appetite!