Thursday, December 12, 2013

Round 2 of IL-2, Day 4

Long night, but I got more sleep (I think) than I thought I would.  Tim got the midnight dose, which made a total of  7 doses so far!  On to Day 4!

The diarrhea continues.  But it has slowed down, but the nurse game Tim some Imodium to help.  He was able to receive the 8 a.m. dose, too!  YAY!  8 doses down!  He is so done with it, however!  I think if he had his way about it, he would like to get dose 9 and 10 today and call it quits!  I hope that doesn't happen, however!  We are here to get as many as his body can handle, right??  Of course, I can say that......I'm not the one receiving the doses and having all the side effects of bloating and diarrhea and loss of appetite and shortness of breath!

Cocooning after the 8 a.m. dose.

Time for a change of scenery.

Here is the shape of the Cancer Center.  No wonder some of the room have weird shapes to work with!  :D  Tim's room is at the bottom of the diagonal line (on the left) on the center shape that looks like a rectangle with a chunk cut off of it making it into a weird geometric shape.....a right angle triangle, maybe??
Maybe you can tell what I mean by this little design (that is not perfect, obviously).
              /         |
            /           |
         /              |
805 /                |
      | ___ _____|

Here is the new Family area.  It is beautiful.  There are consultation rooms, a serenity room, a kitchenette, laundry area, and vending machines. Lots of windows.

I know some of my "artsy" friends will like this mixed media canvas that is in the family area.  The art is by Eva Marie Rotel (Rutel or Ratel...not sure).

Here's the kitchenette.  I was the first one to use the still had all the paperwork in it and I had to plug it in.

There's the vending machines at the other end of the kitchenette.

There were some puzzles on those book shelves in the middle left of this photo.  Don't know what happened to them, however.  You can see 2 computers to the right of the book shelves.  The little brown door on the right of the photo is the laundry.

Another area.

Resting during his change of scenery.

Beautiful facilities, for sure!  I did notice the cokes in the vending machine are $0.20 more than those from the vending machines in the other building.....not sure if they are bottles or not which would raise the price as the others were cans.

Here's the laundry area.  I figured they would be coin operated machines, but they are not!

Isn't this pretty?  Outer banks, maybe, divided into 3 canvases?

The view out the windows.  Not beautiful, but sunny!

This is such a nice gesture by the Shell station down below the Cancer Center. 

OK, that's it for now.  Won't know about the 4 p.m. dose til around 3 or so.

1 comment:

jeday0323 said...

What a nice looking hospital. The laundry is a very nice touch. And the get well soon sign is very, very sweet. :-)
Glad he's up to #8!

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