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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Round 2 of IL-2, Day 6

So, here's one of the reasons Tim is just soooooooooo tired.....weigh-in at 3:30 a.m. and labs drawn, etc. Why at that hour of the night? However, he was probably awake. Several times when I rolled over when I heard him stirring, he was sitting up on the edge of the bed. When I asked him if he was OK, he just said he was bored and trying to pass the night away! Had benedryl to help him sleep, but with the alarms going off all the time and the nurse coming in to check this and that and give him tylenol, etc, I don't think the benedryl has a chance to do its job properly!

So, anyway, the water weight was down almost 3 lbs at weigh-in! Onward and downward!  And, one of the guys at our church that used to do the 3:30 weigh-ins and labs said doctors call/come early to check on the patient's stats and in order to get the lab results back on time, they have to be taken early.  Makes sense.

At around 8:30, the nurse who checks the towels and urine output and makes the bed came in and helped Tim get his port covered so he could take his shower while she changed his bed.

AH!  Feeling refreshed and ready to catch some morning news on the Today show.

Tim ate a pretty good breakfast today of raisin bran, 2% milk and banana cut up on it.  YUM!  He dozed off and on in between potty breaks after having received 40mg of Lasix.  I asked why 40mg vs 60mg given to him yesterday.  She said it depended on the urine output.  The quantity measured just under what the requirement for 60mg would have been.  The nurse said she may have been able to go ahead and give him 60mg, but would have to ask.  I told her it didn't seem like the 60mg did any more than the 40mg did.  He will get another dose at 9 p.m. tonight.

At about 11:20, he awoke from his nap and said, "OK, let's get out of here and take a walk."   He can still only go around the "block" once before he is ready to go back to the room to rest.  The "block" here is much bigger than the "block" where he previously was in the other building.

There's my smile I have missed the last couple of days!  He ate half a bowl of potato and bacon soup and some chex mix.  I'm so glad he is getting his appetite back!

Early in the afternoon I asked Tim what he thought about Subway for dinner.  He said it sounded great!  So, I asked the nurse if there was a way to get from here to there (3 towers away) without going outside.  She said there was, but that some of the doors are locked at certain points and the only way to return is with an employee badge.  But, she said she would give me her phone number and I could call her and she would come and let me back in.  I said, well, I may change my mind if it is a nuisance.  Tim said, no way!  He was looking forward to having Subway for dinner!

I ended up going, figuring it would take me an hour to get there, place the order and feel my way back.  The nurse took me to the doors that would be locked coming back to show me the way.  Then she decided to take me most of the way to Subway.  So, with her good directions, I only got sidetracked one time.  Thanks be to God, a security guard looked at me and said, "I know that look!"  I said, you mean the one that tells you I am lost?!  He laughed and said, "Yes!"  He got me back on the straight and narrow!  :D

Thanks, Sharon and Calvin, for the delicious dinner!  Tim had a 6" meatball marinara  with green peppers and onions and pepper jack cheese on Italian herb and cheese bread, chips and a drink.  I had a personal pepperoni pizza with onions, green peppers and banana peppers, doritos and sweet tea.  YUM!

See the difference in Tim's right hand compared to his left hand?  The water has really gone down in the left hand, but not so much in the right hand.  We don't understand why this is, unless the blood pressure cuff being constantly on the right arm has some how caused the water not to release from the right arm.  So, since the cuff is not going off but once an hour now, we have taken it off and will only put it on when it is time and see if that helps.

Well, to have something to do while Tim napped this afternoon, I decided to do some scrapbooking challenges at Digital Scrapbook Pages.

Calendar Challenge
Info:  You are given a mini kit that includes the calendar that you are to use in the creation of your "calendar."  I always make a desktop calendar for my computer.  And I like to leave the left side fairly clear for the desktop icons.

Designer Elements Challenge
Info:  You are given a mini kit to create a page with.  I basically try to find a picture with the same colors as the kit.

Font Challenge
Info:  You are given several fonts to choose 2 from and create your page with.  There is a restriction to using so many elements/papers from Digitals designers for these challenges.  So, since I don't have any of my Digitals stuff on the laptop, I spent some time downloading all of the free store samplers from the designers and created my page from a mix of those items.

Well, Tim is relaxing in the lounge chair and I'm going to do some reading, so this will be the only post for today.  More tomorrow!