Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course!

Yesterday Kara had horse riding lessons, so I went along to watch.  It was sunny, but very breezy and cold!  Jessica and I wrapped up in a blanket while we sat on the sidelines watching!

Kara getting Pedro from the corral.

Headed to the barn.


Catching a few winks during Kara's manicure.

Yawning, LOL!

Warming in the sunshine

Mounted and ready to go through the obstacle course to warm Pedro up.

The obstacle course includes things for the horse to experience that are not found in their normal surrounds to get them used to unusual items.  You can't see her, but Kara is there on Pedro's back.

Freezing our buns off on the sidelines.

Kara looks like she is day dreaming here.

That's a happy face after a canter, which is her favorite!

Last maneuver of the day because Kara was getting tired.
We rushed home to change for church and left to grab some Chick-fil-A before hand.
Here's a video taken during the lessons.  You can really hear the wind whipping around the camera.

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