Friday, February 2, 2018

I See a Bad Moon aRisin'

In the last 5 months I've put 7,000 miles on the Equinox that Michael and Jessica gave to me!  I was 5 miles away from being at the mileage designated for an oil change.  So, Jessica and I took our vehicles to the place in town where she always gets that work done.  They also rotated the tires.  They told me I would need to have the brakes changed next time!  Jessica ended up paying for the work done on my car, too.  I was not expecting that and I did not want her to do that!  Thank you, Jessica!

While eating our chicken ranch pizza tonight that Jessica made, which is just so delicious, we watched the second Narnia movie.  Afterwards we finished up a game of Sorry that we had started while waiting for supper to bake.  Then we played teams, Michael and Kara were a team and Jessica and I were a team.  They were totally beating us for most of the game, but it came down to both of us needing a 1 to move our last man into home!  Michael and Kara won!

Then it was time to watch the moon rise!  It was really chilly watching it!  It was hard to hold my hand steady enough to zoom in for good pictures!

Me, Kara and Michael watching it rise from the porch while Jessica watched from inside where it was warm!

LOVE the bright reflection of the moon on the lake!

When it was all said and done.......

My daughter, Jessica, posted this picture of Thad on Facebook today and said the following:

With spray painted hair and a plaid shirt with a pen in the pocket, he didn’t exactly look 100% but Thad’s teacher told me he was so excited to tell her “I look just like my mommy’s Dad”! I cried and cried right there in the Parent/Teacher conference. If Thad grows to have my dad’s character, love for people and love for our Lord, I’ll be one happy momma!
What a sweet boy he is!  I love his fake mustache!  I love that the grandchildren think about their papaw!  Thank You, LORD, that Tim was able to be an influence in most of their young lives!  

I had to create a scrapbook page.

Jessica (Michael's wife) and I will be rising early tomorrow to go to the Women's Conference their church is sponsoring.  Have a great Saturday!

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