Wednesday, May 9, 2018

You Know You're Getting Old When.......

Here's a funny story for you!
Ilene and I go with the church to Mallard Ridge Assisted Living on the 2nd Monday of the month.  We also attend the Widow's Meeting in Statesville on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Those 2 events have worked out to follow one another in the same week of late.  So, Ilene thought since we were attending a Widows' Meeting on Tuesday that Monday was Mallard Ridge.  And I just knew that May 1st was the first Monday of the month so this was the week for Mallard Ridge.  Imagine our surprise when we went to Mallard Ridge on Monday, set out the song books, arranged the chairs for the residents, even going with Ellie (one of the residents that comes to our church) to gather some of the residents for the service, and no one else from the church was there yet.  By 7:07 I realized something was wrong.  I sent a text to the church group asking if Mallard Ridge Services were still on and if so, where was everyone?  No one responded.  Then I checked my calendar.....OOPS!  We were a week early!  Ellie was disappointed!  She wanted us to play the piano and sing since we were there!  I told her I could not play the piano and I would not sing acapella!  I apologized to residents and one of the ladies said, "I even put my shoes on!"  But the best comment was from Ellie.  She said to me, "You're about ready to come here, aren't you?"  Sometimes I do think I'm ready for the Alzheimer's Wing!  😉

Here are the pictures I have taken in May.  Enjoy!
This is the beautiful scenery I get to see every day!

We have been Spring cleaning.  Sometimes we take a break!

Well, the dead tree is no more at the parsonage.

One of my gifts from Shallowford Baptist Church for doing a devotion on the "Peace in the Storms of Life."

This is the other beautiful gift I was given!

Dutch Irises at the church.

LOVE cloud formations!

Aren't Ilene's flower beautiful?  She said they are the prettiest this year that they've been in several years!

We are getting ready to leave for the Widow's Meeting in Statesville.

I poured seed into this bird feeder only to notice it was all coming right back out again.  Then I noticed the one perch missing.



Isn't this a beautiful peonie?



Pesky squirrel

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher with food for babies.

Before we could eat these, a mockingbird got them!


Watering our little garden.

Got another planter on the right.

This one is about done blooming.

Our pepper plants.

Squash on the left, beefsteak tomatoes in the middle and roma tomatoes on the right.


Mouse enjoying dropped seeds under the bird feeder.

This little guy, I'm sure, is the one that got into the bag of bird seeds that was on the deck.

And he ate quite a few!

Such a mess from this little hole!
Well, that's it for me!  Take care till next time!

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