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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Today's thrifting was a bit different than our normal routine, which was nice!  We traveled quite far compared to our usual trek of about a 5 mile radius.  We ventured out to Thomasville, then to Lexington and then to Mocksville before heading home.  It was a bit chilly when we left as it had been raining some this morning.  But as we were getting into the car, the sun began to shine!  By our second stop, I had to take my sweater off.  We enjoyed lunch at KFC.  We each got a 4-wing meal.  The wings are big enough that half of the meal is good for lunch and the other half was enjoyed for supper!  I like it when I don't have to cook!  :D  Tim ate some vegetable soup instead but he will eat the rest of his tomorrow probably.

I didn't get any pictures today and I didn't do any decluttering.  I took the day off.  I did some more sewing and computing and reading.  I am more than half way through the book, "The Devil in Pew # Seven."  It is a true story with most of the story happening right here in NC.  I don't remember the city, however.  It is about a pastor's family who suffered much persecution from a man who attended the church (the devil in pew #7, which was the back pew).  I don't believe he was a member.  I don't want to reveal too much in case some of you might want me to pass the book along to you for reading.  It is hard to put down!  So, I'm going to close for now and do some more reading.  Until tomorrow..........

Here's what the book looks like.  It is on sale at Christian Book Distributors dot com if you are interested in buying.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to the book to buy.  You can probably find it used at Amazon, too, which I think is where we got our copy, actually.