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Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

I've worked myself into a headache somehow tonight.  A sinus headache, actually, so I really didn't work myself into it!  Why would you ever do something as silly as that?!  I have enough of them without working them up, lol!  I refer to them as my thorn in the flesh.  If the apostle Paul was plagued with a thorn in the flesh, why should I feel I don't deserve one, too?!  I certainly don't claim to be the servant that Paul was!  But the headaches are just a minor thing compared to some of the fleshly thorns other are plagued with.  Tim sent me a link to a Youtube video of an amazing young man who was born blind.  But the gift God gave to him in the place of his sight is amazing!  No complaints from him, either.  He reminds me of Fanny Crosby.  Please watch it here:  Patrick

I did another layout today after I saw some pictures on Liz's blog that she had taken of Abigail.  I've got a free Blog train mini kit that I decided to use to make the page.  If you are interested in downloading the freebie, it is HERE.  Isn't she just a precious treasure?  If you want to see the other pictures (Gram Schneider) you can find them HERE.

Well, I took some tylenol PMs before I start typing this and my headache is going away, so I think I will do some more sewing before retiring for the night.

Today's clutter is an old travel bag that I replaced with a hanging one.

Until tomorrow...............