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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

I know!  I know!  I've been away tooooooooo long!  I've just been sooooooo busy this week and last week working on a special digital scrapbooking project that I just didn't have the strength to get on here!  I haven't even had the mojo to post on my designer blog.......and THAT is bad!  But, then again, I didn't have anything to put over there since I've been working my REAR END off on this other project.  The project has the name of my last grandchild associated with it.....Thaddeus Cooper!  Here's a page I did with the kit.

So, now you have an idea of what colors are in the kit.  It is definitely a BOY kit!  Not all of the elements shown are in the kit, itself.  The store has started doing this CAKE (Create A Kit Event) thing.  The designers are given several color palettes to vote on which they like the best.  Then we all make stuff according to how the palette inspires us.  This definitely had to be a boys kit with the brown and blues in it.  We are limited to 5 packets each, however I got carried away with this one and ended up with 6 element packs and 2 paper packs!  So, I combined the papers and the basic type elements together into a kit.  The others are sold separately.  I made a sports theme, big boy toys theme, little boy toys theme, tools and a packet of boys.  I'm not trying to sell them to you, but take a look by clicking on the links to see how cute it all turned out!  (In my humble opinion, of course!  :))

OK, so I'm not going to bore you with all the details of the last week and a half since coming back from Michael, Jessica and Kara's (mainly because I can't remember most of it, anyway!  :D  So, let's start with today.

Unseasonably warm weather, again!  I did some grocery shopping and art supply stuff for Bible Club (and myself, lol).  During supper, the rain clouds rolled in.  It only sprinkled a bit until just a few minutes ago when it started raining buckets!

I posted a picture of the outfit I finished for Abigail that I started what seems at least a month ago.  But knowing not all of you "do" facebook, I wanted to post the front and back of the project here.  I added the flower on the front, which turned out cute, even though I had my doubts while I was fixing it!  The hat is reversible.  Can't wait to see her in it!  That will be next weekend as she models it for us since we will be at her house for her big brother's soccer game.  I'll be sure and take pictures!  :D

Front view
 Back view

 Right after supper, I went to the church to make my copies for Bible Club tonight and noticed the Daffodils beginning to bloom.  They progressed nicely today as Tim said there was no yellow showing this morning.  Then I walked to the front of the parsonage to see if any of the spring flowers were in bloom.  ALMOST!!!

The daffodils at church
 A tulip in the front of the parsonage
 Hyacinths in front of the parsonage.  I absolutely LOVE the fragrance these give off!

 My update on the decluttering............NOTHING to share!  Been too busy to think about it!  :D
OK, that's it for today!  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow!  Maybe I'll find some super bargains at the thrift stores to share!  :D


Gram said...

The kit is adorable! So is the outfit for Abigail.

I'm so jealous of the spring flowers. Yours are probably a month ahead of ours. I can see the tips of the leaves on my Delft Blue Hyacinths which have - as you said - a lovely fragrance. I have them planted in most of the beds in our front yard so that for those few brief days I can smell them whenever I open the front door or a car door.

Really looking forward to spring! Thanks for confirmation that it's coming!