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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Today has been a good day.  Being Tim's day off, we did the usual thrift stores.  We found a few bargains, one of them being a new outfit for me!  I NEVER do clothing shopping while I'm with Tim!  BUT, today at our Mega Thrift, I was walking back to the corner of the store that has all the yarn, material and craft items when this outfit hanging on the end of the Plus sized rack caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I checked it over, tried on the jacket, which was snug because I had on a blouse plus a sweater.  I hung it back up, checked out the skirt that was with it and decided I really wanted to try on the jacket without my blouse and sweater.  About that time, Tim is walking towards me.  I said, "What do you think of this?"  He said, "Beautiful!"  So I asked him if he minded if I tried on the top because it was too snug on over my clothes.  He agreed, so he had a seat outside the fitting room and I hurriedly stripped and slipped the jacket on, which is made to wear without a blouse, and stepped out for him to see.  He told me he thought I should get it.  I noticed the skirt that was hanging with it did not actually belong with it, but it was beautiful with the jacket.  Turned out the skirt was half off, so I paid $7 for the outfit!  The top had a yellow tag and the skirt had a blue tag.  When I finally turned the computer on this evening, I had an email from Mega Thrift telling me EVERYTHING with ....... are you ready ....... BLUE and YELLOW tags would be 75% OFF tomorrow and Saturday!!!!!  Doesn't it figure, LOL!  That means instead of paying $7, I would have paid a total of $2.25 ....... IF it would have even still been there!  So, I'm figuring that the LORD brought it to my attention, anyway, and that I still got a great deal!  :D  Here's a picture of it.  I know the skirt looks black, but it is a beautiful shade of purple!  The trim on the jacket is black, however, so a black skirt would look great with the jacket, too!  And a pair of black pants, too!  I DID get a bargain!  :D

After going to the thrift stores, we ate lunch at Subway.  Then we went to a discount furniture store near here to look for a cabinet for the kitchen to fill in the space that was left when we replaced the old stove.  I was thinking pricing from the 80's of $35.....WRONG!!!  $230 for a 9" cabinet!!!  You've got to be kidding me!  Tim made the comment that now I knew why it cost thousands of dollars to redo your kitchen!  YIKES!  (SIDE NOTE.....Jessica, I hope you are saving TONS of $$ for your remodel job!  I'm just sayin'!)  Needless to say, we left the discount store and headed for home!  Discount my foot!

We took our treasures home and decided to go to the Habitat for Humanity in High Point to see if we could find a cabinet.  Not only did we find one for $40.......we got it for $20!!  But we still had a problem because we couldn't get it in the car.  So we called one of the church members to see if we could borrow his truck.  We came back to get it, went back to the store and got the cabinet, brought it home then took the truck back.  After we got home, we ate our supper and then started on the cabinet work.

Here's what the space looked like before the "new-to-us" cabinet.......
 And here is what the space looks like now!  Perfect fit!  The man who loaned us the truck called to tell Tim that he knew someone who might have the counter top to go on it and that he would be bringing by some samples for us to look at!  WOOHOO!  I guess he will be by tomorrow sometime!
So, like I said, it was a good day!

And, by the way, I posted some links to my new kit that resulted in an error of "product not found" from yesterday...........sorry about that!  I was informed that I was not to have activated the kit yet, so it was turned off this morning.  It will officially be in the store on Saturday, so I'll post it then for you to see.

Until tomorrow............hopefully!


jessicaday said...

I love the outfit and I LOVE the cabinet in the kitchen. You guys had a really successful day!
And, yes, I'm going to be spending lots and lots of money on the kitchen renovation. I've been researching for years now and won't even tell you the total amount because it would knock you off your chair! :-)

Elisabeth said...

That is also why we didn't remodel the kitchen when we built on. It would have taken close to, if not all, our $30,000 to do it and that is what we did the whole addition for!

Tammy said...

Great deals and the cabinet looks wonderful!

Gram said...

Love the outfit! Purple is my favorite color. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it one of your favorites, too. :)

anitab said...

Looks like I've arrived at the right place! I love purple, also; and shop at thrift stores; and like healthy recipes - and I'm not adverse to reading religious content on blogs!