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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

I think I got my count right and that today is the 129th day of the year.

First, I wanted to let you know that Tim called to find out exactly what is going on this Friday (we thought he was having surgery on the lymph nodes).  This visit is a consultation ONLY with the surgeon.  Which means more waiting for the surgery, I am sure!  sigh!

It has been cloudy today and I took advantage of that and worked in the flower beds weeding, which I absolutely HATE to do!  But, I had planted some bulbs a couple weeks ago and needed to pull the grass to see if the bulbs had sprouted, LOL!   One type of bulb does not have anything sprouted yet.....I'm hoping it is too early still.  Plus I had to thin out some of the flowers that were taking over and about to run my tiger lilies down the hill, LOL!  Here's some pictures I took today of the new sprouts, the garden, and some miscellaneous stuff.

Then, I will be heading to my chair to do some reading.  I'm about 2/3 of the way through "Little Women."  I don't know why I've never read it before!  I've gotten lots of books completed that I haven't told you about.  I'll talk about that perhaps tomorrow!

These Pinks give off a wonderful perfume which greet you each time you walk out our front door!

This is a new sprout, however it has gotten very tall very quickly!

Here's another new sprout.  It is much shower than the one above.  One of these is not up (yet?).

I thought, before I saw the blooms, that this was some sweet pea that I had planted last year.  When I saw the bloom, I thought of Periwinkle, but I just looked it up on the internet and this does not look like the Periwinkle on the internet.  Does anyone know what it might be?   Love the little purple flower!

This is the flower I had to thin out.  I believe I planted these from a wildflower packet of seeds and it is the only thing that survived!  Not hard to know why!  :D  Very aggressive!  

Not many blooms left on the Sweet William.

Tim picked some green beans from one of the church members last year and I canned about 5 quarts.  Those were the BEST green beans, so he decided we would plant some green beans this year.  He has planted a few 3 times, so we should have (hopefully) green beans coming on NOT all at the same time!

These are the tomatoes and green peppers.  I meant to take pictures of the onions, but forgot.  They are in a raised bed on the other side of the house.....where my herbs were last year.  No herbs this year.

The celery experiment is still thriving!  You can see some of the stalks now!

The only thing my humming bird feeder has attracted is this ugly insect that is drowned.  He died in sugar heaven, however!  :D

Until next time.......


anitab said...

Hi Vicky!
Thank you for sharing your photos - I enjoyed them. And the last photo and your comment made me laugh!
I'm wondering if the one you thought was a sweet pea might be a clematis (they also like to climb)?
Praying for a good appointment on Friday, and that you won't have to wait long for a surgery appointment.