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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day ?? in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Sorry, peeps!  I've lost track of the day count.  I will get back on track one of these days!  I don't even remember where I left off as I forgot to look before beginning this post, LOL!

I'm thinking the last post (besides the ones I've shared from my other blog) was almost a month ago with little Miss Abigail's birthday.  After that, I had a cold for about 2 1/2 weeks and am finally getting over that except for the occasional clog-ups when I'm trying to sing at church!

That brings us to the end of April, there abouts.

April 25th - 29th we were in Revival with a local pastor, Bill James.  Our usual activities on Sunday to conclude the revival services include lunch on the church grounds then an afternoon service.  We baptized the young man I mentioned in a prior post and then gave him and his wife the right hand of fellowship into the church at the end of the afternoon service.  Then we rested the rest of the day!

April 28th - May 11th, I am the "Featured Designer" at my online shop, Digitals.  What that means is a daily free download and a special sale in my portion of the shop.  Plus advertising multiple times a day on Facebook, pinterest and twitter and a few other sites.  Not to mention trying to blog about something every day!  The trick is to put the word FREE in the title so you get picked up by the FREEBIE hunters who advertise your blog on their site.

Yesterday we finished up the Spring visitation!  We had a wonderful turnout for visitation each week so we finished early!  Good thing cuz it is already reaching 90 here!  YIKES!

Yesterday, too, was iNSD (international scrapbooking day) celebrated around the WWW with tons of sales.  I thought being the Featured Designer (FD) during this time would help draw sales to my shop.  However, I'm thinking it hurt me instead because of the other designers at the shop being more widely known than me.  Sigh!  One day would not be bad, but Digitals' owner is running everyone's sales from May 1st thru 8th!  YIKES!  Oh well!  I know ultimately the Lord is in control of those sales for me, so I am happy with the little extra I have gotten!

Originally, my FD time slot was to be May 12th - 25th.  But, the designer before me could not fulfill her spot, so the owner asked me if I could move up since I was ready.  Not thinking about the other designers' products being on sale during half of my time slot.  That will be a lesson learned for future years.....assuming there is a future year!  :D

Let's talk about the "Super Moon" event of last night.....was anyone else as disappointed as I was after all the hyped-up talk about it?  I did manage to get a few cloud-covered pictures, which I think made the scene alot more interesting than it actually turned out to be in and of itself!  I'll share my shots (a few of them) with you then I'll tell you about a situation that I'm requesting prayer about, if you don't already know about it.

I got my good camera back this past week, so I was able to zoooooooooooom in.  I used the tripod after I took several shots that I thot were probably not going to be very clear.  But, as it turns out, the ones I did by hand turned out and the ones from the tripod didn't.....except the very last one!  Go figure!

I like the effect of the cloud-cover and how the clouds captured the light from the moon.

This one was taken on the tripod through the trees, but the moon blurred.

This was the last shot I took (with the tripod) that turned out half-way decently.  I took this one without zooming in as I wanted to show the light through the clouds again and capture the electric lines, too.  I was disappointed because I thought the moon was going to show up really BIG since it was closer to the earth.  It just didn't seem to be a whole lot different than at any other time there has been a full moon!  Oh, well!  If it hadn't been for the clouds, it would've been kinda dull, except for the fact that it hangs there in space on nothing and God created it!

OK, prayer request time.

Tim had a spot on his neck/shoulder area a couple of months ago that kept getting bigger and bigger and started bothering him under his shirt, so he made an appointment with the dermatologist to have it removed.  By the time he went to have it removed it looked like a blood bubble.  She looked at it, gave it some name and cut it off stating she had seen those before and there was nothing to be alarmed about.  But, to be safe she sent it off to be biopsied.  That was on Tuesday, April 24th. 

On Thursday, while we were out thrifting, Tim got an unrecognized call on his cell phone.  He called the number back after we got back home.  It was the dermatologist and she "was sorry but had bad news" regarding the biopsy.  Turns out that Tim has Nodular Carcinoma.  She said it was aggressive and told Tim she would contact a surgeon right away.  The surgeon "happened" to have an opening that day due to a cancellation, so Tim went to see him.

The doctor (a member of the big Baptist church behind us on Peter's Creek) told Tim that this type of cancer could be on the surface (like basal cell, I guess) or medium (under the skin, I guess) or deep.  He told Tim his "looked" deep.  He told Tim that they would shoot die into the area and follow it to the lymph nodes.  They would remove the first lymph node in his neck and test it to see if it was cancerous.  If not, they would close him up, he would either go home that same day or the next morning, and they would determine the next course of action.  If they found the lymph node to be cancerous, they would remove the next one.  If it was cancerous they would remove all of the lymph nodes in his neck and he would probably be in the hospital 3-4 days.  Then things "get more complicated" and the course of action would have to be determined.

The dermatologist told Tim that after all of this is settled, they would probably do a full body scan to make sure there are no more of these growths.

We are praying there is no cancer in the lymph nodes, of course!  I'm praying for a GRADE A MIRACLE that there will be no more cancer PERIOD!  People all over the country are praying for Tim, between church people and other churches and digital friends I have made over the years.

We know that God is in control of the situation already.  I believe that is why the surgeon had a cancellation that Tim's case could fill.  I know what God brings us to, He will bring us through.  Thy will be done is our prayer.

Tim originally thought the surgery was going to be this coming Friday, May 11th.  However, he received something in the mail that tells him this appointment will only be a consultation with the surgeon who is actually going to do the surgery, which will not be the same surgeon as the Baptist doctor.  So, he is going to call to confirm that it is a consultation this Friday only.  I will update you as soon as I find out.

Thank you in advance for the prayers that I know each of you are/will send on Tim's behalf!


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Praying, praying, praying!

Tammy said...

Praying for Tim and your family, Vicky.