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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 130 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Hey!  2 days straight now!  That is a record any more for me, isn't it?!  :D

Not much going on, really.  Just waiting.....waiting for Friday to come around.  However, there will probably be more waiting after that as the appointment is ONLY a consultation.....not surgery on the lymph nodes.  Wait, maybe I already told everyone that.  I don't remember!

Moving right along.....................

Today was a cloudy day again in the morning, but we finally DID get some much needed rain in the afternoon!  I think it rained even during church, too!  I moved my celery experiment from under the tree out into the rain and it was puddled, so I had to dump some of the water out!

Yesterday, I had forgotten to take a picture of the onions.  So, that is the first picture shown here.  If you've been to visit us, you know about the raised cement thing on the side of the parsonage.  I filled it with dirt last year and planted herbs in it.  The oregano came up beautifully again this year, but Tim decided he wanted to put the onions in that spot, so he dug up the little bit of rosemary and the tons of oregano and put the onions out.  I never did use much of the herbs anyway, so that was OK by me!  I mainly used the basil and made some basil pesto (which is still in the freezer and fridge, lol)  Tim was not crazy about it, so I don't use it.  Anyway, I hope these onions get bigger than they did last year!  I will chop them up and freeze them mostly.  We use onions and green peppers ALL THE TIME!!!!!

This is how the sky looked most of the morning.  It only got in the 70's today and by the time church was out, it had cooled off considerably!  But, we really needed the rain!  And we still could use some!  The grass is getting brown already!  It seems every time they call for rain, it misses us!  So, I'm really glad for the rain today!

I wanted to share my thrifty way of purchasing "pork chops."  I buy a pork loin at Aldi for $2.89/lb.  The one I bought this time was just a bit over 5 lbs. and cost $14.80, I believe.  That is normally more than I will pay for meat, but because I cut it up and make several meals out of it, it really turns out pretty cheap.  For instance, shown here are 2 small roasts on the left and on the right are 3 packs of good-sized pork chops, plus we ate a pack of chops for supper tonight.  So, that is 6 meals at $2.47/meal.  You can't buy it in the restaurant for that!  This is the ONLY way I purchase my pork now.  

Well, tomorrow is our thrifting day!  I signed up to get e-mail deals with IHOP and so I got a coupon for a free Fruity Tooty something or another pancake meal, so Tim and I are going to eat breakfast at IHOP before we go to our usual thrift stores.  With eating a big breakfast, we won't do lunch.  Then around 4 we will go to Olive Garden to eat dinner on Tim's mom (not literally on her, you understand!  :)  who sent us an anniversary gift!  Thank you, again, Jeanne!  We love you!

Until next time..........


jessicaday said...

I love fresh herbs - especially rosemary, thyme, and a little basil - but I can't grow anything. :-( The baking and gardening genes all combined into one big baking gene, but skipped gardening altogether. Fortunately I found ALDI who has cheap veggies because I just can't grow them.
I love the pork chops idea! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I used to buy meat in bulk, seperate it and freeze it like that too. But family is so "big" and eats so much...that when I buy it big like that we eat it all!!!! Alex is a garbage disposal right now. At the end of a meal, he is always saying "anyone gonna eat anymore of this?" and then he finishes everything!!!