Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144 in the Year of Our Lord 2012

Two days after surgery and Tim is more sore today than yesterday.  But, he has admitted that he feels a little "draggy" today.  I told him I thot he was not resting enough.  We have been back and forth to the hospital the last 2 days (more about that later).  But he is still doing great.  We will do even better when we get the final word that the lymph nodes removed on Monday are not cancerous!  He took a couple of my pms last night and slept like a baby.  I'm going to share a couple of photos I took of his surgery at the end of this post, so just be warned now!  :D

We got a good bit of rain yesterday, which we needed badly! They are calling for more thunderstorms tonight.

Tim's mom sent me a Birds & Blooms magazine issue on hummingbirds.  I just think they are beautiful and amazing little creations!  If you remember, I hung out some nectar last year, but never saw a sign of a hummer and a windstorm eventually blew the feeder off the window I had it suctioned to.  Earlier in the spring, I hung up the feeder again.  Only this time I hung it up under the cover of the tree (on the garden hook you see in the first picture) that is out our back door.  But, I still got no hummers to come to the feeder.  May have been too early, even though it has been relatively warm all spring.  Well, one of the articles in the magazine was about the "Ten Favorite" flowering plants that hummers like.  So, I went to Walmart and Lowe's and bought a few of those plants.  I got 6 total, 3 perennials and 3 annuals.  The perennials I planted in the ground under the tree and the annuals I planted in a pot.  I would like to (eventually) have the whole area under this tree in flowers.  I love butterflies, too, so would love to have some butterfly-attracting plants.  Maybe Tim's mom will take one look at this picture and give me some tips or flower suggestions (hint, hint)!  :D

I was taking my Bible Club stuff to the church when I spied the sun's rays shining through the clouds.  I think pictures like this just show the beauty and magnificence of God's handiwork!  It looks darker near the ground than it actually was, but the light of the sun made the camera adjust automatically.  I should have changed the setting on my camera.  But, it is still a beautiful picture as the sky was what I was after mostly!

Remember the celery experiment?  Tim took it out of the pot and planted it in his garden along with a zucchini plant.  Some of the tomato plants bit the dust, so these took their places.  I can taste that zucchini bread now!  UMMMMMMMM! case you get sick at pictures of wounds and blood.............don't scroll any further!

I am about to show you pictures of the areas where Tim had the cancer surgery.  The long place on the back of his neck in the first picture is where the original nodule was removed and where they cut out the cancer.  It is much larger than I was expecting!  If you look behind his ear, you can see where they removed lymph nodes (maybe only 1 from this spot and 2 in the other spot as there was a total of 3 removed from the 2 spots).

PICTURE 1 coming up.......................................

The spot you see in the front is where they removed lymph node(s), too.  He was able to take a shower today for the first time since the surgery.   He was not allowed to let the water spray directly on any of the wounds.  But I could tell he felt better after the shower.  Some of the tape was trying to come off.  I hope it stays on at least a couple more days!

That's all for today!


Judith said...

Tim looks like some of our Halloween pictures!! OWEEEE! I hope you convince him to rest up. Surgery takes a huge toll on our bodies. And tell him I thank him for the pictures! He was awesome to let you take them :0) Sending you both a huge hug. (Well, I'll just squeeze Tim around the waist a litte....) Bless you both!

Lisa said...

Wow!- that looks painful. I hope you get some good news as well. I'm praying for you all

Gram said...

I had no idea that the original cancerous spot was so large! Our prayers for Tim (and you) that he will feel well and be well soon. We're keeping the church people updated through our prayer list as we receive your notes.

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