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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 2

LOOOOOOONG day of traveling!  We might as well have not gone to bed last night.  We all just tossed and turned!  Tim's mom was thinking about the trip.  I'm sure Tim and I didn't sleep well because we were not in our own bed.

Everyone was up at 5 and so we packed Tim's mom's things into the car, brushed our teeth, combed our hair, changed our clothes and hit the road by 5:30 a.m. or so.

We made pretty good time, even with the bits and pieces of traffic we hit and the road construction that was here and there.  We stopped for lunch around 11:00 at a Denny's and set out to travel to Binghamton, NY stop for the day and find a hotel.  We ended up traveling 39 miles further to a Super 8 hotel in Sidney, NY.  It was about 5:00.....almost 12 hours on the road!

We brought the bags into our hotel room and then headed out for dinner.  We ate at Roma, an Italian restaurant with delicious food!  HUGE servings!  We only ate about half of our meal!

Now we are relaxing, watching 9/11 stuff on TV and getting ready for bed!

Here's a few pictures I took today.  TONS of goldenrod everywhere you look.  We will be leaving the hotel around 8:30 tomorrow since we got further today than we really had planned to travel!  I hope we ALL sleep well tonight!
Beautiful sunrise as we drove Eastward.

Some of the goldenrod we saw along the highways and byways today.

We ended the day with this delicious meal from Ramo's.



Tammy said...

12 hours is a whole lot of driving!! Wow.

Enjoying getting to travel with you. :)