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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 6

The only person who guessed where we went shopping yesterday was my sister, Kim.  She sent me an e-mail and said she also shops at lliwdoog.

Well, I've got so many pictures that I'm gonna tell you the story as I go and as you view!  :D

We are now in Bar Harbor, Maine.  (If you have ever looked at a map, you will see that this part of Maine is basically surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and a little sliver of land attaches it to Maine.)  Anyway, just wanted to show you a little more of the tad bit of Autumn that is showing.  These bushes are right out the door here at our hotel, Acadia Inn.

First on today's agenda was to see some sights in the Acadia National Park, which we can enter just a couple of miles from the hotel.

First stop, the Visitor's Center.  I've never known of a Visitor's Center to be hidden in the woods before, LOL.  I hate climbing stairs!  So does Tim's mom!  Here she is taking a break, but at least she is still smiling.  She told us we were wearing her out before we even got started!  I told Tim we were going to have to take it easy on her or she would never want to go anywhere with us again!

Just another touch of Autumn as we traveled around Loop Road (the road around the park that leads upward to Cadillac Mountain, the final destination for this trip, LOL).

On the way up the mountain, we stopped at Sand Beach.  Believe it or not, this lady lives in NC and is here because she loves to paint!

And, here is the scene she was painting.....without the addition of Tim's mom, of course!

Any ideas what the name of this flower is?  I'll tell you after you try to guess.  They are all over the place here and come in purple, white, and far!

We traveled on around the bend and spotted a gift shop.  Tim and his mom went to the gift shop while I took some pictures.  This is looking back on Sand Beach.....really zoomed in!

OK, as we travel on around and upward, this scene is not a good thing!  HEAVY fog!

Another beautiful scene out over the ocean.  See the white spot  \/ on the land directly below the V in this sentence?

This is what that white spot is!  WOW!  How would you like to live that close to the ocean?!

How about all the way out on the tip of that land mass?  Again, I say WOW!!

While I was viewing the houses above, Tim's mom was trying to dig up some greenery to take home!  She used fingernail clippers.....or should I say that she got Tim to clip it as she couldn't get it done.  Now, as I recall, when we were driving into Maine, there was a sign on the interstate that said, "Remove all plants from your car before entering Maine!"  Seems to me if "they" don't want you bringing plants into the state that "they" probably don't want you taking any out, either!  So, if we don't show up for church next Wednesday, start calling the State prison here in Maine to get us out!  :D

Maybe "they" will take our mountain in exchange for freedom!  :D  This is a sign in one of the gift shops.  Did you know we own a mountain?  Neither did we!

Well, unfortunately, the beautiful view we were looking forward to enjoying from the top of Cadillac Mountain didn't happen!  Here is Tim looking for the view.  Needless to say, he didn't find it!  By the time we got to the top of the mountain, the fog was more like a drizzle you could see blowing across the mountain!
So, we headed to Bar Harbor to do some shopping and find some lunch.  It was foggy and even drizzled a bit.  We did a little bit of shopping, ate lunch and headed back to the hotel where Tim and his mom took a nap.  Knowing I'd never sleep tonight if I slept then, I stayed awake and took care of my e-mail and uploaded a couple of layouts to facebook, etc.

By the time they woke up, the sun was out.  We decided to find another lighthouse, Bass Harbor Light.  We had to climb down some rocks to get a good picture of this one!
We then went back to Bar Harbor and ate at a great restaurant.  I think everyone in Bar Harbor had decided to eat there tonight as we had to wait about 20 minutes, which was no problem since there was a gift shop there, too!  :D  Well, it was so crowded that it took 2 hours total to get our food and eat.

Now, on tomorrow's agenda, our last day here, church and whale watching!  Nite!


jessicaday said...

That stinks that you didn't get your pretty view because of the fog. :-(

I hope you told that lady that they have ocean views in NC. But, I'm not an artist, so what do I know? ;-)

Tammy said...

Such prettiness. So glad you are sharing this. :)