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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 4

And the winner is...................Jessica Day, for giving me the name of the bread our chicken pesto sandwich was eaten on yesterday.......foccacia bread!  Thanks, Jessica!

We are all BEAT tonight!  We were picked up by the trolley company at 8 a.m. this morning and taken to Boston for our tour.  Seventeen stops plus a free harbor cruise.  The trolley shuttle dropped us off at stop #6 and that is where we bought our tickets.  Tim's mom was mostly interested in stop #2, Paul Revere, North Church which meant we were going to travel almost all the way around before we would get back to that stop since we started at stop #6.  But, somewhere along the way, they made a ticket check and also told us that the harbor cruise was getting ready to leave if we wanted to get off then.  I want to say it was stop #10, but I can't swear to it.  In any case, we did the harbor cruise and that took about 45 minutes.  Well, the cruise did not end at the same place it began.  It ended at stop #3, the USS Constitution museum.  So, we toured the hot sun!  Tim's mom was worn out!

After we went into the museum, we headed for the trolley stop.  Tim's mom was ready to hang it up.  Well, we really had no choice but to at least keep riding the trolley because we had no way back to the hotel except the trolley shuttle, which would not pick us up for the return trip until 5:15 p.m.

I believe we ate lunch before we got back on the trolley.  Since we got back on the trolley at stop #3, we rode all the way around until we could get off at stop #2.  That took about an hour.  By that time, Tim's mom had rested up so we could visit the North Church, the gift shop and see the Paul Revere statue.  Walking up the hill to get to the North Church was a killer for the both of us!  We had to stop and rest at the Copp's Hill Burial Ground, LOL!

Anyway, we finally had seen what we wanted to see and headed back to the trolley stop.  We rode the trolley to stop 6 where we began the day.  We were able to sit and relax until the shuttle arrived to bring us back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel somewhere around 6 p.m.  Tim and his mom watched the news while I checked my e-mail, then we went to dinner up the street.  Now we are waiting to go to bed, LOL!  We are planning on sleeping in until we wake up tomorrow!  We will be heading to Maine tomorrow.

Let me just say that we are sooooooooooooooooo glad we did not drive into Boston!  Will you get a load of that traffic!  Coming and was a MESS!!  We are traveling in the HOV lane where you are supposed to have at least 2 people per vehicle and the lane moves along quicker.....most of the time!  You can see that even it was crowded this morning!

This is taken from the top deck of the boat we took the harbor cruise in.  As you can see it was another beautiful was actually HOT!

These are just some seagulls I zoomed in on during the cruise.  I did not try to capture anything but the one on the post.  But it is interesting how I caught 4 all in different "poses."

We are getting ready to get back off the boat to visit the USS Constitution.

Tim and his mom posing with the USS Constitution in the background.  Beautiful ship!

Tim's mom resting in one of the North Church pews.

And here is the statue of Paul Revere.

The only difference in the traffic going home vs the traffic coming into Boston in the morning is that the HOV lane was much more empty than this morning!  For this we were very thankful because we figured it would take us much longer to get home than it took us to get there.

The restaurant where we ate tonight had a sports bar, pool tables, and a racing pit.  I would have loved to try out the racing, but it was expensive!  So I settled for Hawaiian pizza in the restaurant!  :D

Just a picture of the restaurant sign.....Ascari (a racer from the 40's and 50's who was killed testing a car).



kimeric kreations said...

so glad you are enjoying your trip! I haven't been to Boston in years...but reading your post I felt as if I was back again :) Isn't the Old North Church wonderful? I thought it was just beautiful in its simplicity...and I've stood next to the Paul Revere statue, been aboard the Constitution, gone thru the museum....memories. I had such a wonderful time there....hoping the rest of your trip is as nice! Maine is absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall :) Have fun!

jessicaday said...

You're welcome! I am a bread connoisseur, which may explain my waistline. Lol!

I love your posts - I feel like I'm right there with you!! :-)

Tammy said...

Well, that was a fun day. :) I'm so glad I'm getting a vacation via you. :)

Gram said...

I really must talk Pastor Dad into making this trip. Not only are we both history buffs but I have genealogy research to do in the area. I'm directly descended from the Copp family on my dad's side. (You visited the burial place of my ancestors.) My mom's family came to OH in 1790 from the lower part of Maine (York County) which was once part of Massachussetts.

You make a wonderful tour guide. :)