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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 12 Blessed


As the weekend draws to a close, I am feeling very blessed!  No matter what the outcome of this current trial in our lives, the Lord has shown His faithfulness and love for us in the little joys He allowed us to have this weekend.

Michael, Jessica and Kara were not with us physically this weekend, but they were with us in spirit and skype!  :D  LOVE technology!  :D

Here's some photos from today.

Our son, Michael and his lovely family.

Papaw and Abigail getting in some snuggle time.

Liz fed us well this weekend!  Thanks for the pizza for dinner on Friday and the biscuits and sausage gravy and cinnamon rolls for breakfast today and the sandwich loaves, buffalo chicken dip and taco dip, along with left over pizza for lunch today!  And, let's not forget the key lime pie and the chocolate pie!  YUM!  I feel like all I have done is eat my way through the last 3 days!  :D

I mentioned the care package that the kids worked on yesterday.  Well, today they gave it to Papaw.  He was so happy to receive it!  As he enjoys each item at the hospital next week, I will post photos.  Such a great idea, Jessica and Elisabeth!

Brad and Ryan watching some football.  Brad went to the eye doctor today and came home wearing an eye patch and sun glasses.  He was ordered to rest all day today, with permission to watch foot ball!  :D

Elisabeth took some photos of the kids on the tracks behind their house.  I will share some of them today.  They all turned out really well!  The little ones had to be bribed with candy, but it worked!  :D  GREAT job, Elisabeth!

Here's our little Thaddeus Cooper who will turn 2 tomorrow, November 3rd!  Happy Birthday, sweet Thad!

Sweet Abigail Joy who was 2 this past April.

Love this one of Jessica's boys!  Sawyer Chancellor (not sure I spelled that correctly) is sitting on Michael Steven's back while Thaddeus Cooper picks up rocks.

Great photos of Sawyer Chancellor, who is called, Chance.

Chance and Thad.

More photos were taken of Michael, so I'll have to wait til those are posted before I can steal them!  :D  It is so hard to believe our first grandchild is in the 7th grade this year and will turn 13 in less than 6 months!  :(
Until tomorrow!  Enjoy your Lords day by spending time with Him in His house!