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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 17 Discouragement

Not much sleep for me til after 4:00 which is when the nurses finally stayed out of the room for awhile. But, the best news is that Tim was able to ward off the chills last night (midnight dose) with the early warm blanket procedure! Soooooooooooo thankful for that! That was awful watching and not being able to do anything about it! He ended up having to get oxygen after that and is still on it this morning. They have added some magnesium to his pills, so they are watching all of that stuff very closely, to which I am thankful!!!

Dose 8 is going as we speak! At 9 Nurse Mary will bring in 3 heated blankets and he will wait about an hour to make sure the chill-zone has passed and then he will order breakfast! He still has no appetite, however. One thing about taking the oxygen is that he has been drinking a bit more water. However, he is not outputting much liquid. His BP is 112/46. His respiration is fluctuating around 30. His oxygen is 94 and his heart rate is 90. So, looking pretty good!

The nurse gave him some benedryl last night and that helped him to sleep much better. His skin is very pink, but at least it is not an itchy rashy mess! He told Nurse Mary about the warming procedure to ward off the chills and she said if the chills is the worst that happened to him, he was doing great! To which we said, that's because it's not you having them! She laughed and said there was one guy that was going crazy and ripping off his clothes. Tim said, "my church members would love to hear something like that happening to me!" Everyone laughed!

Infusion 8 is complete! 15 minutes! I think I'll make a post on facebook (I'll copy and paste the information I have given you this time) and then get my shower.

Unfortunately, diarrhea hit Tim pretty badly today.  I hadn't even finished my shower when he had to break in and use the potty.  But it was too late as he messed his clothes.  Poor guy!  I had planned on making a trip to the house and checking the mail and taking the trash cans back to the house anyway.  So, I just included the laundry in that trip!  :D

I got all of those chores done at the house and then headed back to the hospital.  I made a stop at KFC for a buy one get one free  2 boneless piece meal.  Tim couldn't eat it, however.  His taste buds are all messed up and he thought the chicken was just way too salty!  Some of the drinks he has been drinking that he normally drinks have tasted way too sweet to him.  I'm sure not having an appetite doesn't help either!

He had tried to walk some laps while I was gone but he was weak and kind of unsteady on his feet, not to mention that he had to get back to the bathroom.  So he only got 3 laps in today.  They had to add magnesium to his pills and he is still on the oxygen.  He still is not urinating much, even though they also started him on dopamine today to try and kick his kidneys into gear!  If he doesn't urinate more than he has so far, he will probably miss the midnight dose, too.  He is discouraged.  Please pray!


Tammy said...

Praying daily, Vicky.