Monday, June 11, 2018

In Times Like These

Oh my!  In times like these, we sure could have used a strong, muscular, hard-working man today!  I did not realize what I was getting myself into this evening with the new wheelbarrow we just bought today!

Remember the cedar trees we had cut down a couple of weeks ago?  Well, the stumps that were left were to be ground up by another company, we thought, within a few days afterwards.  So when they didn't show up and we never heard from them, I contacted the company who cut the trees down to find out when said stump-grinder would be here to do the job.  I was told that the stump-grinder was behind due to the tornado that ripped through Greensboro (?) a couple of weeks ago.  But, they gave me his name and number and I left a message with him.  He called me back and apologized for the delay and said he would try to hop over and do the job after he finished a job in Lexington on Saturday.  Saturday came and went, but he texted me and asked to do the job on Sunday.  OK.  The job was done by the time we arrived home after the morning services. 
The 3 cedar stumps to be ground.
After being ground yesterday.

LOTS of great cedar mulch left!  AND a big hole (3 actually) we will need to fill!
Ilene wanted the mulch that was left from the grinding to be put on the flower beds, for starters.  That was not a job I wanted to tackle in the heat of the day.  So, when the wind kicked up this evening around 6 and really began cooling the air off, AND with it looking like we were finally going to get rain, I told Ilene I was going to go ahead and begin the task of loading the wheelbarrow to spread around the flowers before it rained and made a mashed-together mess of the cedar grindings.  I grabbed a shovel and the wheelbarrow.  She grabbed a rake.  I began filling the wheelbarrow with at least 12 loads of the mulch.  I dumped it on the flower beds and while I returned to fill the wheelbarrow again, Ilene spread the mulch.

Where's my man when I need him?

Maybe this is why.....dirty feet and no sweetheart!  :D

I don't know what I was thinking when I thought it would only take about an hour.  Nearly 2 hours later, and after missing the Mallard Ridge Services, we had the front 2 flower beds done.  We called it quits for the night!  Tomorrow is another day!  Thank You, LORD, for giving us the strength to do the work!

I had told Ilene that we would probably arrive at the Mallard Ridge Services late, but at least we would have the job done!  I tried to send a text to let them know where we were when the job turned out to be more than I expected, but it would not go through, so, unfortunately, they worried about us not being there.  I'm sorry about that!

Baths are done.  Time to relax!

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