Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Adventures

Tim's mom and sister arrived Friday afternoon.  They spent lots of time on the road and even more time than usual due to a couple of accidents that cause traffic problems.  But they arrived safely and got settled in and then we sat down to supper:  pork roast, baked sweet potatoes, broccoli, fried squash, biscuits and black berry cobbler and ice cream for dessert.

We spent the evening chatting and looking at Ilene's family pictures so Jeanne and Jennifer could get "acquainted" with Ilene's family.  Bed time was fairly early as we had a big day planned for Saturday.

On Saturday, Ilene had a High School graduation and party to attend for her granddaughter.  Jeanne, Jennifer and I planned to go to the PTI Farmer's Market at exit 208 on I-40 East.  The best part of the Farmer's Market is the AB Garden Shop that is on the same property.  I could spend HOURS there looking in every nook and cranny!  However, while I love to look, I don't love to buy because of the prices!  I managed to spend less than $2 on a plastic 16" plant dish that I plan to use as a bird bath.

After the Farmer's Market, we continued on to Greensboro with the list of thrifts that Tim and I frequented at intervals on his day off.  It was so hot that we didn't spend much time thrifting, but headed home around 2:00 after eating a sandwich at Subway.

Ilene came back just a few minutes after we got back home.  After Jeanne and Jennifer took a nap, we went to Olive Garden for supper.

Sunday was church, of course.  And, just like that our weekend was over!  Jeanne and Jennifer changed clothes after church for their trip home and left from the church.  Again, their trip was NOT uneventful.  At one point, they spent 1 1/2 hours going through 6 miles of road construction!  There was a problem at another point with blocked lanes due to a semi being on fire!  AND bad storms and rain in VA and WV!  OY VEY!  Finally at 9:00 they were eating their supper at Olive Garden!

We had a great weekend and are waiting for our next gathering so Ilene can "pal" around with us on our thrifting trip!  Hopefully our schedules will be free so we can shop til we drop!

Great picture of Ilene with her granddaughter, Savannah, after graduation.  The event took place outside in 90 degree weather!  Oh, my!

Beautiful clematis at the Farmer's Market

Jeanne's plants she purchased.  Jennifer also bought a blueberry bush that she hopes will survive in the north!

A yard decoration I saw and thought of my daughter-in-love, Jessica, in Alabama.

Waiting to be called to our table at Olive Garden.

Good food with good friends and family.
Jeanne, looking beautiful for church, and waiting for time to leave, took a few minutes to worry about her trip home.  She is a worrier, yet she agrees that most of what she worries about NEVER comes to pass!  And that is the way it is with ALL things we ALL worry about!  Worry is a sin that the devil entraps us all with!  Lots of times it paralyzes us!  I always have to quote, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee" from Psalm 56:3
Thanks, Mark, for the great picture! 
We had a great weekend and are looking forward to our next gathering!

The stump-grinder came during church and ground out the cedar stumps from the trees that were cut down a couple of  weeks ago.  Ilene and I are going to get a wheelbarrow so we can spread the cedar in her flower beds.  It is so fragrant!

Even thought it was pretty hot, we spent some time in the afternoon under the trees with the breeze and did some reading.  It finally got hot enough that we had to retreat indoors!
A little lizard that watched me from the porch through the glass door.

Have a wonderful week!

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