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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring is in the Air!

Or it was yesterday, anyway!  We had 70's temperatures yesterday but it was 20 degrees colder today!

Oh well, at least the daffodils are beginning to bloom!  YAY!!!

Only one clump blooming so far!  I need to look at the front of the house to see if I have anything blooming yet!  These daffodils are at the church.

Tim and I went to the garden center today to get some little plants for our terrariums.

These are the plants we bought and some of them we split and shared.
Tim's on the left, the one his mom gave to me on the right.
Guess what OLD TV show I thought of with this bag of potting soil?
Mixed some of this in with the potting soil.

Mine.  The fairy stuff came with the terrarium, except for the bird house which I bought.
different angle
another angle
and another angle
view of the whole terrarium
her wings kept her from staying on the bench, so I had to sit her in the rocks.

Now to try and keep the plants alive!  :D