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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is Spring Around the Corner?

I sure hope so!  These little guys give me hope!  Just a couple days ago, they were under a mound of snow!  So, I hope they survive!

I love how the bulbs multiply every year!  :D  These are in the front of the house.

Another view.  I think they are daffodils.

These are daffodils at the church.

And these. 

Calvin usually covers them with pine needles in the fall.
I made a scrapbook page, like I usually do, of the first shoots coming out of the ground.
Blooming Impressions kit by Cindy Ritter
Just gonna share some pages with you tonight that I did last month.  And then I'm off to bed to see if I can sleep this headache off!

Cindy dedicated this kit, When it Rains, to Tim and I as she has been praying for us through Tim's cancer journey.

When it Rains by Cindy Ritter.  A page from our FL trip.
Time After Time by Cindy Ritter.  LOVE palm trees!

Time After Time by Cindy Ritter

Abby, Ryan and Hannah in the snow last week.

Everyday Joy by Cindy Ritter.  Araya sitting on the couch.
Down by the Shore by Cindy Ritter.  FL trip.

Down by the Shore.  FL trip.

Down by the Shore.  FL trip.
Enchanting by Cindy Ritter.

Everyday Joy (I think) by Cindy Ritter.

Everyday Joy

Everyday Joy

Walk by Faith (I think)

And, especially for greatGram:
Abby with mommy's sunglasses

Adalina on her toy from Aunt Elisabeth and family

Araya wearing a flower as big as her head

Araya stylin'

Beautiful Princess Araya



Trouble with a capital T!

Rose among the thorns

Araya and her pierced ears

Hannah spending time with mommy

Queen Abby

Terry, Thad and Chance

Proud Daddy
OK, that's it for me!  Nite all!