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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Wonderful Thrifting Day, As Always

The day started with breakfast at IHOP.  We both tried a new item on the menu.  HUGE cinnamon rolls!  It was more than one could eat, so the next time we will share one order!

We went a new direction today with our thrifting.  We headed east to Burlington, which is past Greensboro.  And then had one in Whitsett on the way back.

This box is full of Grace Livingston Hill books at Salvation Army!  However, lots of them were 2 and 3 of the same titles.  I ended up with 11 of them, which is still GREAT!  AND, the best part of all is that I only paid $0.10 each!  CHA CHING!!!

I got the 3 Debbie Macomber books for $0.25 each!  So, I spent less than $2 on these books!  THAT'S my kind of thrifting!

When we headed back home, besides the thrift store in Whitsett, we stopped at the farmer's market at exit 208 on I40 to look at their plants for Tim's office.  They had some beautiful bird feeders, too, but at $50 for the glass bowl and $40 for the stand, I think I'll pass!  Get the trash can lid out!  :D

As usual, when we eat breakfast out, we skip lunch.  So, we stopped in High Point on the way back to try a new restaurant (for us) that we saw there.  Giannos.  Both of us had their lasagna.  HUGE portions, so we brought half of it home!

When we got home, the church parking lot was filled with the neighbor kids and cousins!  I wanted to sit outside and watch for birds to visit the new feeders, but I didn't have much hope of any visitors with all of the kid activity.  But, lo and behold, 2 chickadees were very brave!  They didn't stay lit very long, however!  The first one I snapped as he was flying off.

And, the next picture I snapped as he ducked his head to eat, so you can barely see him.  Hopefully they will tell all of their friends and cousins that there's a new feeder in town!  :D

OK, that's it for our day!  It was a bit warmer today than yesterday, but still pretty chilly!

Time to do some reading!  Nite!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nature Calls

Yes, nature called again today!  Lori, our neighbor, has feeders at her house.  She knows I'm on a bird watching kick, so she let me know there were LOTS of birds at the feeder this morning, which is right next to the little side porch at her house.  I was eating breakfast at the time, but told her I would be over soon.  Well, by the time I got there, they had apparently filled their bellies.  But, we grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the porch.  We were not disappointed.  In a little while, a few of the birds came back.

After a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday, today was a bit on the chilly side, especially in the morning.  But, finally the sun showed up this afternoon and it was a bit better.  But when the sun began to go down, it got chilly again pretty quickly!

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE this bird feeder of Lori's! 

I was pleasantly surprised to see this cute little chickadee!

So pleased to capture this Tufted Titmouse!!!  They are QUICK!!!  I had to have the camera already focused, or I missed them!

See how cloudy it was this morning?

YEAH!!!  I finally got some Cardinal pictures!!  WHAT a GORGEOUS bird!

What a Masterful painter our God is!

The morning dove fluffing its feathers.

Of the 3 Tufted Titmouses (Titmice??) that were present, this one was the biggest.

Yes, I did some spying on the neighbor!  :D  Tim was walking back to the office after having eaten lunch.

This is what we believe to be squirrel nesting "stuff" in.........

......this tree.

And there goes a squirrel that came out of the tree above.

I found out this is Common Periwinkle (Running Myrtle, Greater Myrtle, Greater Periwinkle).  Very pretty!  

Not sure what that blooming tree is.

So, I told Lori when I left there after taking pictures, that I needed to go to Walmart for a few things.  Knowing her car is still at the shop, I asked her if she needed to go, too.  So she did and we went to her bank and the drug store before going to Walmart.  We NEVER leave Walmart with JUST a few things!!
Some more of those trees like the one in Lori's yard (this is the CVS parking lot).

How many of you remember this little ditty........
"When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along, along......."
Well, that is the ONLY part of the song that I remember.  Here's the rest of it (if you are interested):
It was sung by Dean Martin??

When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin' along along
There'll be no more sobbin' when he starts throbbin' his old sweet song
Wake up wake up you sleepy head get up get up get out of bed
Cheer up cheer up the sun is red live love laugh and be happy

What if I've been blue now I'm walkin' through fields of flowers
Rain may glisten but I still listen for hours and hours
Well I'm just a kid again doing what I did again singin' a song
When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin' along along
What if I've been blue...

Birds of a different variety.  :D  I asked the neighbor kids if they were going to eat any of the chickens.  They told me no, that they were just for eggs.  I wonder what they might not know?!  :D

Looking good in red, Mr. Day!

Twins!  :D  (unplanned!)  I love it when we do that!

OK, so I have a confession to make!  I loved Lori's lighthouse bird feeder so much that I had to buy one today while we were at Walmart!  The neighbor kids helped me put the food in it and get it hung up.

There's another feeder I got that the neighbor girl had to be hoisted up so she could put the hanger over a limb.

There's a view of both of the new feeders.

I took a couple of pictures right before church tonight.  Capturing the sunlight behind the church.  This one turned out the best.

And, this picture made me think of this:  "Be angry and sin not:  Let not the sun go down upon your wrath."  Ephesians 4:26

We have a few more hours to settle our differences with one another before bed time than they did in Bible times.  They didn't have electricity and also went to bed earlier and arose earlier.  If we settle our differences before bed time, we will sleep better!

So, anyway, time to do some reading before bed time!  Nite!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For the Birds

I took lots of pictures of birds today.  Some here at the house and some at the neighbor's (Lori).  So, I'll share those first.

Morning dove on the roof of the neighbor's garage on the other side of Lori.

Robin taken by our car port.

Another one out in the back yard.

Morning dove on the telephone or electric line in front of the house.
A very small bird eating up near the fellowship hall.  I was standing by the church doors when I took these.

I found out this is a Dark-eyed Junco, which is in the American Sparrow family.

I got some great pictures of the bluebirds today.

I hadn't seen them near the bird box since Tim cleaned out all of the old nesting.  

They are so pretty!

Coming in for a landing.

I really didn't see anything in their beaks, so I don't know if there are babies in there or what.

I'm pretty sure this was one of the bluebirds in a tree over on the neighbor's property next to the church.
I about cut it's head off, but this robin was in one of Lori's trees in front of her house.  It was singing up a storm.
There's the morning dove again in one of the trees out back of Lori's house.  Not sure what bird is flying off.  I finally saw another morning dove along with this one, too, but it flew off before I could get both of them together.

And this was in one of Lori's trees.

It has red on it's forehead and throat and upper chest.

From all of these pictures, I have determined it matches a picture of a House finch from the internet.
And, it is hard to see, but I am pretty sure this is a hawk that was sitting on one of Lori's trees.

Today's breakfast:  toast with butter, blackberry jelly and bacon.  I actually like grape jelly better with bacon.

Calvin came to add pine needles down in front of the church.  The yard work has begun!

I took Lori to the doctor today for some therapy on her hip and arm.  While she went inside, I stayed in the car and did my Bible work.  And then I got out and walked around to take some pictures, hoping to capture some bird pictures.  But the only thing related to a bird I got was a picture of an empty bird's nest.

The wind was blowing my hair every which way!

Empty bird's nest

It was after I got home from taking Lori to the doctor that I went outside to take pictures, including the bird pictures above.  I went to Lori's after supper to take pictures over there.  There are some beautiful cardinals that I see flying over there, but, of course, they were hiding from me tonight!
LOVE the shape of these hyacinth flowers AND the deep purple color!

Dandelion.  They are a nuisance, but they are a beautiful shade of yellow!
After the yellow is gone.

The little neighbor kids playing in the church parking lot.

Just because.

OK, there you have it!  Time to do some reading before bed!  Nite!