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Monday, June 26, 2017

God's Blessings

"As we bow our heads each day over warm meals and under dry roofs, we must never forget that God’s gracious provision relates very little to our jobs, our homes, and investments.  He can provide for us anywhere and at any time.  But life in our good land is only good in relation to our relationship with God."  Wayne Stiles

I should be devoted to my Savior God, if for no other reason than because He loves me!  He shows His love for me every day by taking care of my needs.....and sometimes even my wants!  But, I find too often that I'm not as devoted as I should be because I get in the way.  My devotion more than not is to myself, not God.

I read today's devotion from Kay Arthur's "Lord, I Give You This Day."  And in reading it, there were some questions to ask of myself to show what standard I am devoted to:
Who sets the standards of my day?
Who determines what is right? moral? correct? socially acceptable? just? fair? how I should dress, think act, behave?
My standard should be God's as found in His Word.
What do I admire?
What do I want to imitate?
What is my dream? my desire?
Do I come closer to the world's standard or to God's?

Paul told the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 11:3, "...I fear, lest by any means, as the Serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ."

I don't want my mind to be corrupted by the things of the world.  It is one of the reasons I don't watch much TV.  Even the commercials are corrupt!  But, I have to be careful of the internet, too!  This world system belongs to the Serpent and I must be very careful because he is roaming the earth and "seeking whom he may devour" by any means he can, as we are told in 1 Peter 5:8.

And this from Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" for tonight:
"O Christian, the vows of God are upon you.  You are God's priest:  act as such.  You are God's king:  reign over your lusts.  You are God's chosen:  do not associate with Belial.  Heaven is your portion:  live like a heavenly spirit, so shall you prove that you have true faith in Jesus, for there cannot be faith in the heart unless there be holiness in the life."

O God!  Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me!  Help me not to be conformed to this world, but transform my mind so I will follow your good and perfect will for my life!

Tim has not felt great today.  Just very tired and fatigued.  He was running a slight fever this evening.  The naps he takes doesn't seem to do him any good.  I'm going to ask the doctor this Friday about taking vitamins.

We went to Walmart to make the deposit and find a big, flat pad of calendars for his desk.  Until his health improves, the phone just isn't working for him very well for keeping up with appointments, etc.  So, if you text him, or call and don't get a response, don't take it personally.

We did spend a little time outdoors tonight after supper.  But, he just wasn't feeling great and ended up going back in the house.  I stayed out to capture some pictures.  I had to refill all of the bird feeders again tonight.  I also loaded up one of the suet cages with peanuts for the blackbirds and moved it away from the other feeders.  I moved the other suet cage practically inside the tree, hoping the blackbirds will not find it!

Supposed to be lilstening to a podcast!  :D

The mushroom began to turn under today and (even though you can't tell it here) began to turn brown.
Peanuts to lure the blackbirds away from the feeders.

Enjoying fresh seeds!

Mr. owl is just to the right of the suet cage, barely visible.

The blackbirds eating seeds off of the ground.......right underneath the peanuts they never did see.

It was such a beautiful day today.  Lower temps and lower humidity!

You can see a chimney swift bird just to the left of the tree, about center of the picture.

I am determined to capture a close-up of a chimney swift one of these days!

Last, but certainly not least, we got a card from a woman that we graduated high school with.  Sheree included the sweetest note in the card.  She also included some restaurant cards for "a day when you need a break."  Just such a blessing.  But the greatest thing and the most appreciated and cherished thing is knowing she is praying for us!

The prayers of God's people around the globe are soooo appreciated!  And I know they will all be answered!  Thank You, Lord, for special Christian friends, some we have never even met, yet because of our being Brothers and Sisters in Christ, known or not, we love them and appreciate them!  Oh what a meeting in heaven someday!

Gloryland is not so far away,
And we’ll reach it some glad day;
Heaven’s home is now my final goal,
There to live while ages roll.

What a happy day will be,
What a glorious Jubilee;
And all of heaven will be there,
What a meeting in the air.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Early to Bed.....

Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise!  Do you remember your mom or dad saying that to you?  Our kids, when they were growing up, went to bed when it was still daylight out.....and the neighbor kids were still playing out.  We had a hectic schedule with Tim driving the kids from Addyston Baptist Church to a Christian School, so they were all up early to get ready!  That didn't change when Tim stopped driving the bus, he was then taking the kids to another Christian school where he worked.  They complained more than once about their lot in life!  :D

Funny thing, at least one of those kids puts their kids in bed even earlier than she had to go to bed as a kid!  :D  I thought of this when Tim went to bed at 8:45 tonight.  As I walked out of the room, he was saying, "What am I doing going to bed at 8:45?  It's still light out!  And, the kids are still out playing!"  We both laughed at the memory!  And, I'm thinking it didn't hurt our kids any at all!

Tim's belly was feeling better today!  And, no fever!  Thank You, Lord!  He got up around 7, ate a bowl of cereal and then came back to bed until I got up around 8:30.  While I was showering, he got dressed and went on over to the church.

I put a big chicken breast in my 3-crock cooker last night with some left over spaghetti sauce I had in the fridge.  Then, today before heading to church, I used another of the 3 crocks to cook some frozen little ears of corn.  Then after church all I had to do was cook a pack of ramen noodles for the chicken.  I added cheese to mine!  It was very good.  Tim only ate about 1/3 of his.  He didn't want to put too much on his stomach, so I saved it for him to eat at some other time.

He went right to bed after lunch and slept until about 3:45.  He had some strawberry shortcake when he got up.  Then he got dressed for the evening services and was back over at the church by 4:45!  Then after church tonight he ate some fruit.  At least he ate something!

I worked on the new church sign since it was nice and cool outside tonight.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.  So that job is done!  I despise doing dishes!  But, I'm thankful for dirty dishes because it means we got to eat!  Thank You, Lord!

Well, I didn't take many pictures today, but here are the ones I did take.

Went from a golf ball with a cone head to an umbrealla.

Starlings in the neighbor's yard

Something startled them

But they came right back

Reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds."

Pretty clouds

Beautiful sunset

Well, I haven't done much today, but I think I'm ready for bed!  Night!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Do!

Tim has had a couple of rough days with his stomach.  He hasn't been able to eat very much.  And he hasn't been drinking as much, either.  That always worries me that he will become dehydrated and pass out on me, which he has done before and scared the living daylights out of me!  Plus, earlier this evening he was running a fever of 100.4, but it was gone by the time he went to bed.  Thank You, Lord!

Tim went to bed at 8:00 tonight.  He got up at 9 to use the restroom.  When he was finished I was waiting for him with a bottle of Gatorade in my hand.
ME (handing him the bottle of Gatorade):  I want you to drink some of this.
TIM (taking the bottle):  How come?
ME:  Because I don't want you getting dehydrated!
TIM (after drinking):  Thank you, sweetie!  I know you love me and care about me.  (And then he kissed me.)
ME (through tears):  I do!

Oh, Lord!  You know how much I love this man that You gave to me 41 + years ago!  I don't think I will ever be ready to give him up to You!  But, I know I will have Your help if and when that time comes!  Thank You, Lord, for the years You have given us; years I didn't deserve!  Thank You!  You know that if I had it to do all over again, even knowing the outcome, I'd still say, "I do!"

Here are some pictures from the day. I got some wonderful thunder cloud pictures as it moved through our area with LOTS of rain, which will probably make the sump pump run like crazy!

I took this first picture out in front of the house.  After I went to the mail box, I looked down from the porch into my flower bed to see these 4 indentations in the dirt.  What caught my eye was the movement that was going on in the one at the top of the picture.  Dirt was spraying up from the bottom of the indentation, but whatever was making the dirt spray was completely under the dirt.  I hurried into the house to get my camera so I could video it.  But, you guessed it, no more dirt movement by the time I got back.

These were the cotton ball clouds we had earlier in the day.

Yes, strawberry shortcake is meant to be eaten just like pumpkin pie.....mostly cool whip on top!  :D  Do I hear an AMEN?!

Those cotton ball clouds turned into rolling thunder clouds in the space of an hour or so!

I think Tim really came outside to warm up.  He spends most of his time freezing any more.  Little did he know the rain was about to pour, blowing in under the carport as it did!  He retreated to the car soon!

I told Tim this new mushroom looked like a golf ball with a cone head!  He agreed!



It was raining so heavy the green color disappeared from the trees!

The birds didn't mind the rain!

Tim's view from the car.